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Your local Insurance & Business Partner

At Aon Melbourne we understand the importance of a local and accessible broker for our customers and being a part of the local community. This sits at the heart of what we do. Our team of experienced, friendly insurance brokers have the expertise to simplify insurance requirements for businesses across a range of industries, and sectors from financial institutions to local government. Whether you’re in the boardroom or the workshop - we’re here for you.

As a local broker, we pride ourselves on offering world-class personal service. But what makes us different as Australia’s largest insurance broker, is that we can offer you access to markets others may not be able to, including national data and analytics that help us give you deeper understanding and advice that enables you to make better decisions about your business. You have the choice with Aon, speak to a friendly local Aon broker, or get an easy online quote today.

Your Aon Insurance Review report will include

  • Powerful benchmarking with industry peers to assess if your current coverage limits and excesses are appropriate for your business.
  • Expert advice and commentary with a holistic picture of your business’ risk profile and quality insurance options from multiple markets.
  • Current insurance cost competitiveness to assess if you have the best coverage option based on quality, coverage and price.
  • Advanced in-house analytics and data driven insights to help solve your insurance and risk exposure challenges.
  • Risk Gap Analysis to unpack your key policies and risks to assess gaps in your current program.
  • Accelerate your insurance decisions ahead of renewal time pressures - get the information you require and plan ahead.
Our broad industry expertise

Financial Institutions
We understand that financial institutions work are exposed to evolving, complex and interconnected risk. Which is why you need a local broker with the backing of specialist risk professionals across the nation with unique experiences and insights to a variety of risk and people issues.
With heightened regulatory and media scrutiny reputation is constantly at threat. Increasingly conduct and culture issues are posing significant risk. At Aon we have a dedicated business that we can work with nationally to help you manage those all-important people matters.
To help local government institutions make more informed decisions about their insurance and risk programs, we provide independent advice and use our local government experience to help councils reduce their risk exposure. We also focus on helping to reduce costs, as we recognise local government often face the challenge to do more with less, by navigating decreased revenue and resources, new regulations, and increased demands for services. We deliver across three core capabilities - Risk, Health and Talent, underpinned by Data and Analytics insights.
Construction & Mining
As one of Australia’s largest growing industries, we’re experienced in providing tailored end to end insurance and risk solutions for construction & mining businesses, big and small. We offer clients deep industry insights and the experience of our dedicated construction practice group - the largest construction risk and insurance practice in Australia. This enables us to offer solutions across financial risk exposures such as trade credit, people and safety solutions, workplace health & safety and more. Aon also has a joint venture with the Housing Industry Association.
From hospitals to medical and dental practices, we arrange tailored and innovative insurance and risk solutions for businesses both large and small, within the Australian healthcare industry. We’re backed by a team of industry experts from our Health Industry Practice Group where we can leverage greater insights to help lower costs, optimise assets and minimise liability. While also unlocking workforce potential for the organisation or practice.
Aon is a leader in insurance and risk management the aged care sector. Our tailored insurance and risk management programs for aged care sector clients are designed to reduce exposure based on their specific requirements. Our solution is also strengthened by the industry knowledge, and technical expertise of our national practice group. We are also proud to support the sector’s peak industry bodies, such as Aon’s national membership with Leading Aged Care Australia (LASA) and Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA).
New risks continue to emerge for companies in the food & beverage sector as a result of regulatory changes and an increasingly global business environment. Issues such as food safety, contamination, supply chain risk management, bio-terrorism, extortion, security, genetically modified organisms, IT system failure and global warming can have financially devastating effects if not properly identified and addressed.
Aon offers total process insurance and risk management solutions for Australian producers to protect against home grown risks to crops, livestock, property, assets and liabilities as well as continuing downstream operations and a competitive retail market.

Business solutions
Explore a range of insurance and business solutions available through Aon.
Business insurance
Could your business survive the loss of property damage, a cyber-attack, or machinery breakdown? As specialist brokers, Aon can arrange tailored insurance and risk programs designed for your business and industry, giving you the confidence of optimal cover at a competitive price.

Consider what you would do if a fire damaged your office and you were no longer able to host clients on the premises, you can be covered for the cost to repair the damage. You can also arrange public liability against financial loss incurred from not being able to operate due to an insured event and more. Talk to us today.
Cyber Insurance
Did you know that 60% of small businesses go out business 6 months after a cyber breach?1 Each year cyber threat exposures increase, so arranging the right cover is key to protecting your business. Cyber insurance through Aon is designed to protect your business against a wide range of internet-based risks, and risks relating to information technology infrastructure and activities. Cover benefits can include first party coverage, third party (liability) coverage, Incident response and cyber crime insurance.
Management liability
Management Liability Insurance is an efficient packaged suite of coverage for exposures faced by directors, officers, managers and business entities. It can prove a vital component in any business owners’ risk management toolkit and will normally cover risks such as alleged mismanagement of the company while performing your duties within the business, company fines and penalties imposed by the regulator or workers compensation claims. Cover can include Directors and officers insurance, Employment practices liability, Crime Risk, Tax Audit cover and Statutory liability insurance.
Public Liability Insurance
Public liability insurance is designed for professionals who interact with customers or members of the public. It helps protect against claims of personal injury or property damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of your business operations at your workplace or another location. For example, if someone slips and falls on your business premises, or their property is damaged while you’re providing a service, they may take legal action against you or your business to recover their loss.
Risk Consulting
Today’s businesses are faced with more risks than ever before - and these risks continue to emerge and evolve at a rapid pace.

Do you understand the risks that your business is exposed to, and are you adequately insured against their impact? Our Aon Risk Consultants combine global knowledge and local expertise to guide you through the risk management process.

We excel in identifying exposures, reviewing risk programs and assessing over / underinsurance, and can support you to control and finance any potential risks and liabilities facing your business.
Trade Credit Solutions
In an increasing turbulent economic landscape, businesses need to protect their balance sheets and optimise working capital – whilst minimising the impact of bad debt.

Aon’s Trade Credit Insurance can protect your accounts receivable and ensure you get paid for the goods and services that you supply.

“With a team that has a combined experience of over 200 years in the industry, we’re experts in providing specific solutions for our clients. Let's discuss your business risk needs today."

Alison –Melbourne Branch Manager


Your friendly local broker
At Aon Melbourne, we’re in the business of helping you make better decisions, and protecting what matters most to you.
Call us on 03 9211 3000
Why Aon?
Aon can help you make better choices about the risk and insurance needs of your business. We’re market leaders in placing insurance programs designed for a range of businesses and industries.

Our local presence and regional footprint allows us to work with you as your local broker. We also have the added advantage of accessing Aon’s national and international network of offices and expertise.
Why an Aon Broker?
Understanding the types of insurance that may be right for your business can be complex. This is where a specialist local Aon broker will work closely with you be getting to know your business’ risks and identifying potential gaps, so they can offer you an insurance solution that’s suitable for your business.
Backed by insights
At Aon, we’re not just here to help you transfer risks for your business through Insurance, we’re here to help you build excellence in risk management through the power of data and analytics, As an Aon client these insights allow you to access innovative solutions that help you manage uncertainty, reduce risk and invest in growth.
Specialist knowledge across industries
Ranging from schools, to aged-care, agriculture, transport, logistics, construction, manufacturing and more – Aon has a team of specialist brokers who bring a depth of expertise and understanding across several sectors and industries. All designed to help you make more informed decisions about the risk and insurance program of your business.