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Our partnership philosophy

Partnering with Aon is about collaboration and mutual value – for you and your stakeholders. Through our expertise in insurance, risk exposure and program design, we can develop a range of risk and insurance solutions for audience groups that allow you, as a sponsor partner, to play a key role in the offering.
Whether you are seeking to deliver value, mitigate risk or manage your own risk exposure, Aon can customise insurance and related solutions to suit your stakeholders, enabling you to differentiate your own value to your stakeholders - small businesses, contractors, clients, franchisees or members.

We believe in win-wins. Our goal is to help both our partners and their clients succeed today and in the future.

  • We deliver value through made-to-measure insurance and risk solutions. 
  • We help strengthen your relationship with your stakeholders by, on your behalf, delivering engaging risk content and education. 
  • When it comes to helping drive the best claims outcomes with insurers – we support our clients through the claims process.
  • We help strengthen your commercial focus.
Some of our Partners

Institute of Chartered Accountants ANZ
We are proud to be in alliance with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand since 2015 through their Member Benefits Programme and we have worked closely with the association to deliver a comprehensive suite of tailored products and solutions for accounting professionals to best fit the needs of their industry. Members also have the added advantage of direct access to a range of thought leadership material, risk management reports and tools exclusive to Aon clients.
Aon’s long-relationship with of over 20 years with NAB, Australia’s largest bank with more over 9 million clients is built on mutual trust and goodwill. Our alliance demonstrates great value in working together over the years where Aon offers NAB business banking customers a range of insurance and risk services across various industries and sectors. Our network of over 35 branches across the country has also fostered ties with local NAB branches including our regional locations from Toowoomba in Queensland, to Newcastle and metro locations such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Why Aon?

Understanding your needs

Data-driven insights

We use our insights and knowledge to analyse data about your stakeholders which allows us to design, build and negotiate holistic risk propositions for you.

Risk expertise

With 65 partnerships and 1000+ associations, we also bring to our partnerships the insights and knowledge to help address emerging risks and concerns for your organisation, employees and clients.

Adding value

We get to the heart of your stakeholders’ needs and challenges to provide a solution that further strengthens the value that you bring.
How we deliver

Backed by insights
  • Examining the risk profile – We look at the risk profile of your stakeholders, any diversification within the group, and the buying influence that the stakeholder group represents. This lets us negotiate compelling propositions for you to sponsor.
  • Adding value to your stakeholders –  Our technical knowledge and data insights enable us to offer solutions that can include a range of cover improvements, premium relief or previously un-negotiated value when we collaborate with you.
Market & industry expertise
  • Ahead of the market – We help make sure you & your clients are up to date with best practice regulatory and compliance advice for our clients’ insurance needs specific to their industry or sector.
  • Industry expertise – Our knowledge and insights across several industries and sectors brings a strength and market leverage of knowledge that empowers us to understand you and your stakeholders’ needs based on your sector.
  • Our partnerships demonstrate this 60+ member-based organisations and 1000+ partner and association style are Aon clients comprised mostly of professional associations (54%) including community, franchise groups, and commerce networks.
Specialist knowledge
  • More ways to purchase insurance – We can arrange a solution that may allow online purchase of insurance or access to an experienced specialist for tailored advice.
  • Member centric tools & resources – A range of relevant education, events and thought leadership that enables an enhanced educational experience on risk exposure, mitigation and more.
  • Member engagement through marketing – In-house marketing and communications capabilities to help strengthen your stakeholder experience through a multi-channel communication approach.

Insurance for your NFP Association

If you are a not-for-profit organisation, we have your back.The liabilities a not-for-profit organisation faces and the responsibilities your directors have are very different to those of commercial organisations. You’re potentially operating with a volunteer workforce or may have a very “public” profile to support your organisation’s endeavours.  

There are risk exposures  that NFP’s would need to consider. These could involve large financial impacts on both the NFP and individuals involved such as volunteers. This is why you should consider Protector/Association Liability Insurance.


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