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Why do ATA Members need insurance?

Aon are proud to be the approved insurance partner for Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) and we are delighted to offer members insurance designed for Tutors. We are here to help you understand the unique risks of the education industry, and our team can help you with specialist insurance meeting the needs of Universities, Private Schools and Registered Training Officers. The Editors, Technical Writers & Tutors Combined Liability Insurance Policy we offer covers you for Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Products Liability with the optional adage of Business Insurance and other products as required. It provides peace of mind when any complaints emerge in your providing of tutorial services (as a tutoring business or individual tutor). We've negotiated a fair and competitive price for your cover and our service also comes highly recommended by our customers.

What insurance do ATA Members need?

Professional Indemnity Insurance
This protects you in the event a client alleges your professional advice or services has caused them damage. For example, a client may allege your tutorial advice or advice around a learning difficulty was incorrect and ended up having a negative impact on their life and take legal action against you.1

Our professional indemnity covers you for up to $1m.
Public Liability Insurance protects you against your financial liability for third-party personal injury or property damage arising out of your insured business activities. For example, if a client or visitor was to slip and fall while on your business premises, you would look to this policy to cover the claim.1

Our Public Liability covers you for up to $20m and is automatically included in your PI policy.
Business Insurance is designed to protect businesses and their assets against certain unexpected events. For example, it can include cover for business premises and/or office equipment for fire, storm, theft and other insured events.1
Product liability insurance, also known as general liability is included as part of our ATA members insurance program.

Product liability insurance protects against claims of personal injury or property damage caused by products sold or supplied through your business. It is designed to help protect your business by ensuring that if this happens, you don’t have to pay any legal or court costs.1

Our Product Liability policy covers you for up to $20m and is automatically included in your PI policy.

Cover benefits through Aon

The ATA policy arranged through Aon includes the following:

Professional Indemnity
Cover for up to $1m as part of our ATA policy.

Public Liability
Cover for up to $20m as part of our ATA policy.

Product Liability
Cover up to $20m as part of our ATA policy.

Professional Indemnity Cost Exclusive Excess
Cost exclusive excess means the insured does not pay any excess towards the legal and defence costs, but only pays the amount of the excess towards the settlement of any claim .

Automatic cover for Sub Consultants
A sub consultant is a professional, who is appointed to carry out work that requires specialism.

Contractual Liability
Contractual liability insurance protects against liabilities that policyholders assume when entering into a contract.


Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions commonly asked by Tutors.
Is it mandatory for ATA members to hold insurance?
It is not mandatory, however it’s advisable for tutors to get professional indemnity insurance, which protects against legal liability in the case of misconduct or professional malpractice. Since tutoring is a profession where you are providing professional advice, your business risks legal claims of negligent service.
Why do ATA members need Public Liability insurance?
Public Liability is an important cover for any business that interacts with members of the public. One of your clients or a member of the public could fall and hurt themselves or damage their property on your premises. This could lead to them making a claim against your business, and you could be held liable. Even if you don’t operate out of a business premise, and only see clients in their homes, Public Liability should still be considered as any interaction with the public or your clients in person holds a level of liability risk.
How do I make a claim?
You will find details of how to make a claim in the policy wording you receive from us. However, we also appreciate that having to make a claim can be a stressful time which is why as your advocate we are always on hand to help with any questions. Please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 020 339 or email
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What if I need to make a change to my policy?
It is important to keep your policy up to date with the changing shape of your business but also to keep your business and personal information up to date in the event of a claim. Should your business circumstances have changed, for example you have moved into a new premises or you have changed the services that you offer and you are not sure if your existing insurance covers it anymore then you can always call one of our experienced friendly brokers to discuss on 1800 020 339 during business hours.

How do I renew my policy?
A renewal invite is sent asking for confirmation to the following 3 questions:
  • Any change to activities undertaken
  • Any Known facts or circumstances which may result in a claim against you in the future that have not already been reported to Aon;
  • Confirmation of an increase in income by more than 20%
If there are no changes to the above-mentioned circumstances, the policy is simply renewed, and documents are issued. If there are changes to be noted, then the ATA specialist broker at Aon will undertake the necessary steps to update the new details and finalise the renewal.

What are your opening hours?
Our opening hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (AET, except public holidays). If you need to contact us out of hours you can email us at and we will pick up your query on the next business day.

Can I pay for my policy monthly?
Yes you can, monthly payments can be arranged through a premium funding agreement with Hunter Premium Funding2 to help you spread the costs of your insurance across the year. Please note that the total overall cost is higher if you pay monthly. Contact us on 1800 020 339 or by email on

Is it mandatory for Tutors to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance?
While you take all the care to deliver professional advice and services to your students, an insurance claim can have a devastating impact on your tutoring business. Tutors may wish to get professional indemnity insurance, which protects you against legal liability in the case of misconduct or professional misconduct. Since tutoring is a profession where you are providing professional advice, your business risks legal claims of negligent service.

Why do I need both Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance?
Professional indemnity insurance covers against allegations of professional negligence – such as making a mistake in your work or providing an inadequate service to your customers.

Public liability insurance covers against allegations of injury to a third party as a result of your negligence – for example, if a student or accompanying parent slipped, tripped for fell over and injured themselves on your premises. You would be covered against the legal costs, as well as any compensation payable to them, should they bring a claim against you for their injuries.

They’re both policies which are important to hold as a professional, regardless of your business size or location.

I operate my business from home, what insurance do I need?
If you operate your business from home, you still need to ensure you have the right insurance to protect your business. You may need Public Liability if you visit clients in person, whether that’s at your home, or out in public. It’s also advisable to consider business insurance to cover your laptop and home office equipment.

Do I need Cyber Insurance?
You may hold sensitive information about your students, such as their personal documentation, passports and other forms of identification. This type of information could make you a very appealing target for cyber criminals, so cyber insurance is another type of policy to consider protecting your business. It can help cover the financial losses you incur following a cyber-attack.


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1Subject to full terms, conditions and limits of the policy. Please review the full policy wording for more information.

2Hunter Premium Funding is a third party independent of Aon, however Aon will receive a commission if you pay for your policy through a premium funding agreement with them.

Editors, Technical Writers & Tutors Combined Liability Insurance Policy by Aon Risk Services Australia Limited ABN 17 000 434 720 (Aon) on behalf of the underwriter, Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 trading as CGU Insurance. If you purchase this insurance, Aon will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium. Further information can be provided upon request.

Please also note that the Australian Tutors Association (ATA) Ltd 48 130 390 519 act as a referrer of the above listed insurance to Aon. Where you purchase this insurance as a result of a referral from ATA to Aon, ATA will receive a fixed fee from Aon’s total remuneration. Please feel free to contact us for further information.