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Why do Public Relations Agents need insurance?

Some people believe there’s no such thing as bad publicity...but from what you’ve seen, that’s not the case. As a Public Relations Agent, you’re an expert at attracting the right kind of attention for your clients, but the last thing you need is the wrong kind of attention for your business. This is why it’s important to protect your business with adequate insurance to help ensure you can keep your head above water if you experience your own crisis.

When your clients engage you, they might be trying to build up their reputation, or in the middle of a crisis. But imagine if a communication you published further damaged your client's reputation? Unfortunately, there are some disasters that perfectly crafted words won’t get you out of. The various insurance options for PR agents have been designed to protect against the unique risks faced by PR agencies. While it might be tempting to think you’re careful enough to not experience any mishaps, sometimes even the smallest actions can quickly escalate.

Don’t just insure, be sure

Business insurance can be complicated. What you think you’re paying for isn’t always what you get. As a broker and Public Relations Agent insurance specialist, Aon helps you find a policy customised for the common risk of your industry so you’re more confident that you’ve found the right type of insurance for your business.

Why Aon for Public Relations Agent insurance?

Don't just insure, be sure.

Right type of cover

  • Aon arranges Insurance tailored to protect against common risks in the Public Relations industry
  • We help you to understand how your policy protects against the common risks as aPublic Relations Agent
  • Competitive premiums thanks to Aon’s scale and influence.

Specialist support

  • A team of experienced Public Relations Agents insurance specialists to help you at every step
  • We help you make claims and advocate on your behalf
  • Australian based teams.

Easy to manage

  • Quotes online or over the phone on 1300 836 028
  • Options to take out premium funding loans to pay monthly. Fees and charges will apply
  • Adjust your policy any time. Terms and conditions may apply
  • Easy renewal management
  • Online requests for certificates of insurance.

Rely on Aon’s industry expertise in Public Relations Agents insurance

Business insurance can be complicated. What you think you’re paying for isn’t always what you get. At Aon, we want you to feel confident you’ve made a smart decision for your business insurance needs.

As SME specialists for Public Relations Agents insurance, we understand the risks that businesses like yours face and how to insure against them. We know insurance policies and understand that the detail of your policy wording is critical to providing the type of cover your small business needs. That’s why we help you by arranging policies customised for the common risks of your industry.

Our team of Australian-based SME insurance experts are here to support you and your business every step of the way. We’ll give you access to the relevant information required to help you understand the cover options available to you so you can feel more informed about your choice of insurance.

What insurance do Public Relations Agents need?

Professional Indemnity
This is one of the most important forms of cover for your business. Professional Indemnity insurance includes cover in the event a client alleges your service or advice caused them loss. For example, a client could allege your service or advice caused their sales to plummet. PI also includes the option to include Cyber insurance to help cover your business’s financial loss suffered as a result of a cyber attack.
Public Liability
This may be a requirement for any business that deals with members of the public. It provides cover against claims where a client or a member of the public alleges your business activities caused them physical injury, or damage to their property. For example, if someone was to slip and fall while visiting your office. Public Liability through Aon is offered as part of a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.
Business Insurance
Business Insurance is a package insurance that allows you to bundle different coverages into one policy. It is designed to include cover for your physical business premises and/or your business assets and equipment. Cover options include damage to building & contents, theft, money, business interruption and portable property, along with computer and machinery breakdown.
Cyber Insurance
Cyber insurance provides cover for financial loss suffered as a result of a cyber attack. This can include phishing, malware and ransomware.

In providing your service, you likely deal with some very sensitive information, and this data may make you a very lucrative target for cyber criminals.
Management Liability
As the owner of a business, you are responsible for making management-related decisions, including decisions about your company’s finances, about your employees, and about the general running of your business Management Liability is designed to protect you as a business owner and manager against allegations of mismanagement and actions brought by regulatory authorities.

Cover benefits of Professionals Indemnity Insurance for Public Relations Agents

Flexible Professional Indemnity cover limits 
Choose a level of Professional Indemnity that suits you: $1 million, $2 million, $3 million, $4 million, $5 million, or $10 million with 4 reinstatements.1

Run-Off Cover 
You can be subject to claims for professional wrong-doing even after you retire, cease practising or sell your business. Run-off cover extends your insurance policy for up to 7 years after your business ceases, to respond to claims which arose while the business was operating.1

Unlimited Retroactive Date 
You may be covered for claims relating to events that happened before you purchased cover, as long as you weren’t aware of a claim or facts or circumstances which could give rise to a claim before you purchased the policy. 1

No Excess
No excess for certain claims against the Professional Indemnity section. 1

Free Legal Consultation 
During the Period of Insurance, you’re entitled to free legal advice from the appointed firm and legal practitioner listed in your Schedule, on any matter relating to the Professional Services. 1

Contractor Cover 
The policy we arrange extends to cover actions of contractors you engage.


Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by PR Agents.
Who can take out PR Agents’ Insurance?

Aon can arrange insurance for PR professionals such as PR Consultants; Marketing Consultants; Market Research Consultants; Advertising Consultants; Graphic Designers; and Social Media Consultants and Social Media Influencers.

Do PR agents need insurance?

We believe there are very few professions which don’t need insurance, and PR is no exception. The sensitive nature of the work you do may make you susceptible to a variety of risks, so having insurance in place can help make sure your PR agency can remain in business even if you do experience a covered event.

How much can I expect to pay for my insurance?

The cost of insurance for a PR agent will depend on a number of factors. These include the size of your agency; the number of employees you have; the state you operate in; the nature of the services you provide, and of course which policies you take out. We recommend going through the quote process to get an understanding of the premium you’re likely to pay.

Explore more FAQs

How much is the excess for Professional Indemnity claims?
If your business has an annual revenue of less than $2.5 million, Professional Indemnity Insurance for professional services arranged through Aon has nil excess. If your business has a revenue over this amount, the excess payable for a claim will depend on your revenue.

Do I need Public and Products Liability Insurance (PL) as a PR agent?
Public Liability insurance is a key cover to hold for any business that has dealings with the public. If your physical office is open to the public during the day, you likely need PL. Even if your clients don’t visit your office, you may be meeting them in person at their office, or even at cafes or other public places, all of which carry liability risks. Therefore, PL should be on your list of insurance covers to consider.

Will insurance cover me for allegations of defamation?
If a client alleges your services caused reputational damage and sues you for the financial loss they’ve incurred, this may be covered under PI insurance.

Why do social media influencers need insurance?
Social media Influencers include anyone who generates income from their social media profile, such as bloggers, vloggers, and social media personalities. When things go bad on social media, they can also go viral quickly and are difficult to retract, delete and/or edit given the nature of the platforms and how quickly things spread. If this happens, it’s possible a client or sponsor may hold you liable if they suffer financial loss, and sue you for financial compensation. PI insurance can help cover some of your legal costs and compensation you’re required to pay.


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1Subject to full terms, conditions and limits of the policy. Please review the full policy wording for more information.

Consultants Professional Indemnity and Broadform Liability is arranged by Aon Risk Services Australia Limited ABN 17 000 434 720 AFSL 241141 (Aon) as agent for the insurer, Insurance Australia Limited trading as CGU Insurance, ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681. If you purchase this insurance Aon will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium. Please let us know if you would like any further information.