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As an osteopath, your specialty is all about joints, muscles and spines. You know firsthand how much discomfort can result from even the smallest spinal or musculoskeletal issue for your clients .. A client could claim that your treatment didn’t work or made a pre-existing condition worse and seek to hold you accountable. Insurance cover is therefore designed to have your back, so you’re not forced to put your whole business (and life) on hold in trying to tackle certain difficult situations.

Don’t just insure, be sure

Business insurance can be complicated. What you think you’re paying for isn’t always what you get. As a broker and Osteopath insurance specialist, Aon helps you find a policy customised for the common risks of your industry so you’re more confident in your insurance decisions.  

Why do Osteopaths need insurance?

You do a lot of good, but bad things can happen. A patient could claim that your treatment didn’t work or made a pre-existing condition worse and seek to hold you accountable. Even if your clients are fully happy with your service, think about if a major storm hit and damaged your office so badly that you could no longer host clients there. The bills wouldn’t go away, but you’d suddenly have to find a lot of money to repair the damage. Having appropriate insurance in place can help make sure you’re not faced with exorbitant out of pocket costs when faced with such unfortunate incidents.

Why Aon?

Don’t just insure, be sure.

Tailored Solution

  • Aon arranges Insurance tailored to protect against common risks in the Allied Health sector
  •  We help you to understand how your policy protects against the common risks as an Osteopathy provider
  • Competitive premiums.

Specialist support

  • A team of experienced Osteopath insurance specialists to help you at every step
  • Our claims team can assist you to submit your claim and work together to provide the support you need.Australian based teams.

Easy to manage

  • Quotes online or over the phone on 1800 805 191
  • Options to take out premium funding loans to pay monthly. Fees and charges will apply 
  • Adjust your policy any time. Terms and conditions may apply
  •  Easy renewal management
  • Online requests for certificates of insurance.

Rely on Aon’s industry expertise in Osteopath insurance. Business insurance can be complicated.

What you think you’re paying for isn’t always what you get. At Aon, we want you to feel confident you’ve made a smart decision for your business insurance needs.

As SME specialists for Osteopath insurance, we understand the risks that businesses like yours face and how to insure against them. We know insurance policies and understand that the detail of your policy wording is important to providing the type of cover your small business needs. That’s why we help you by arranging policies customised for the common risks of your industry. Our team of Australian-based SME insurance experts are here to support you and your business every step of the way. We’ll give you access to the relevant information required to help you understand the cover options available to you so you can feel more informed about your choice of insurance.

Why choose Aon for Osteopaths insurance?

When it comes to insurance for Osteopaths, there are a few options available to you, and deciding which ones you need might not be easy. Aon is committed to making life easier for you by arranging insurance that’s easy to understand, buy and manage, so you can get quotes and take out a policy online in just a few clicks. Or if you do need help, our team of friendly experienced brokers are a phone call away to help you understand what insurances you may or may not need, but more importantly, why; helping give you confidence that you’re making a better decision for you and your business.

What insurance do Osteopaths need?

Professional Indemnity
(includes Public & Product Liability)
This provides cover in the event a third party alleges that you have been negligent in performing your services. For example, a client may allege your treatment caused their condition to worsen which led them to suffer more pain, and sue you for financial compensation. Professional Indemnity insurance may cover the cost of legal representation, as well as compensation you’re required to pay as result of the claim.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a requirement under the Osteopathy Board of Australia.
Public Liability
(included in our Professional Indemnity package)
Cover for Public Liability is included as part of the Professional Indemnity policy.

Public Liability Insurance helps protect your business against liability for third-party personal injury or property damage arising out of your business activities. For example, if a client or visitor was to slip and fall while on your business premises, you would look to this policy to cover the claim. While these events may seem rare, if they do occur, the financial impacts can be very significant. As an Osteopath, your profession involves significant interaction with clients, therefore Public Liability is a crucial cover to consider for your business, whether that’s at your office, out in public, or at your clients’ homes.
Business Insurance
Business Insurance is designed to protect your business and its assets (including equipment) against certain unexpected events. For example it can include cover for damage to business premises and/or equipment caused by fire, storm, theft and other insured events.2

A key part of this policy is Business Interruption, which can provide protection for lost revenue in the event your business is unable to operate as usual due to an insured peril.

Business Insurance is made up of a number of cover sections, and you can choose the sections that relate to your business. Cover is also available for damage to money (if you keep cash on premises), portable contents such as mobile phones and laptops, and Public Liability.
Cyber Insurance
Cyber insurance helps protect you against certain cyber related threats, such as unauthorised access to your computer system or network resulting in loss or theft of data.

As an Osteopath, you may store valuable client data (such as personal details, bank account details, health records). When this type of personal information is kept digitally in your care, custody or control, it is important to consider the risks of data and security breaches. Cyber insurance may be worth considering when protecting your business against these risks.2

Cyber insurance has now become one of the essential products a business in the health industry should consider.
Product Liability
(included in our Professional Indemnity package)
Cover for Product Liability is included as part of the Professional Indemnity policy.

Product liability insurance helps protect your business against financial liability for third party injury or damage caused by products sold or supplied through your business.

Public and Products Liability policies can cover legal defence and court costs, assisting your business with the financial setbacks of defending a claim.2

Cover Benefits of Osteopaths Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity cover limit
$5 million, $10 million, $20 million.2

Unlimited retroactive date
You may be covered for claims relating to events that happened before you purchased cover, as long as you weren’t aware of a claim or facts or circumstances which could give rise to a claim, before you purchased the policy.2

Subject to eligibility criteria and must be stated in the Schedule.

Run-off cover
You can be subject to claims for professional wrong-doing even after you retire or sell your business. Run-off cover extends your insurance policy for up to 7 years after your business ceases, to respond to claims which arose while the business was operating.2


Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by Osteopaths.
Is it mandatory for Osteopaths to hold insurance?

If you're practising, you need Professional Indemnity insurance arrangements in place that meet the Osteopathy Board of Australia standard.

Am I covered if I conduct home visits for patients?
If you conduct home visits to provide your service, the Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability Policy arranged through Aon will extend to those visits. However, this may not be the case for all policies, so we recommend contacting your broker to confirm your coverage. 2.
What level of complimentary legal advice can I receive?
A total of 1 hour of complimentary legal advice is offered if you hold the CGU Medical Malpractices and Broadform Liabilty policy arranged through Aon. You can call the Legal Helpline up to a total of 1 hour in each policy year, per policy, for general legal advice relating to your practice. Legal advice relating to your policy is not included.
Explore more FAQs
Why do Osteopaths need Public Liability insurance?
Patients and members of the public could continually be dropping in and out of your practice. One of these people could be playing on their phone, and not paying attention to the world around them. While their head is buried in the fictional world of their favourite game they could trip over a chair in your waiting room, sending them toppling over; losing their game, breaking their phone and twisting their ankle. They could make a claim that you were at fault and that you’re liable. Chiropractors Liability Insurance provides cover for legal liabilities if a member of the public makes a claim that they were injured, or damage was caused to their property because of your business dealings or on your premises.2

I am going on parental leave. Can I place my policy on hold?
We are able to apply a 50% discount off the base premium on a pro-rata basis effective from the date you notify us that you will be going on parental leave.2

Why might I need run-off cover?
Even after you've retired or are no longer practising, you could still be subject to claims which arise from when you were in business. Under the Aon Health Combined Professional Indemnity, Public & Products Liability Policy, run-off cover allows you to arrange complimentary run-off cover for a period of 7 years in relation to incidents that happened while you were practising.2

When will I receive my certificate of currency?
When you purchase your Aon Health Combined Professional Indemnity, Public & Products Liability Policy online you will receive your certificate of currency in minutes to your elected email address. If you purchase your insurance with one of our experienced brokers, the time line may vary.3

How do I make a claim?
​You will find details of how to make a claim in the policy wording you receive from us. However, we also appreciate that having to make a claim can be a stressful time. That's why as your advocate we are always on hand to help with any questions. Please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 805 191 during business hours or email

What if I need to make a change to my policy?
It is important to keep your policy up to date with the changing shape of your business but also to keep your business and personal information up to date in the event of a claim.

Should your business circumstances have changed, for example you have moved into new premises or you have changed the services that you offer and you are not sure if your existing insurance covers it anymore then you can always call one of our experienced friendly brokers to discuss on 1800 805 191 or

How do I renew my policy?
Your renewal offer, schedule and tax invoice will be sent to you via your elected email address approximately 30 days before your renewal date. It is important at this stage to review the details of our offer carefully (remember pricing and coverage levels may have changed so it is important to review). If you are happy with the offer and wish to accept, it is important that you pay for your renewal by the date specified on the tax invoice.

Thank you for looking into renewing your policy through Aon. It is greatly valued that you are pleased with the level of service and coverage you receive.

What should I do if I have not received my certificate of currency or renewal offer/documents?
Please accept our apologies. At Aon we strive to deliver best in class service, so we are sorry to hear you have not received your documents. Please request your Certificate of Currency here or alternatively contact us on 1800 805 191 or and we will look to send your documents as soon as possible.

What are your opening hours?
Our opening hours are 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (except public holidays). If you need to contact us out of hours you can email us at and we will pick up your query on the next business day.

Can I pay for my policy monthly?
Yes you can, monthly payments can be arranged through a premium funding agreement with Hunter Premium Funding4 to help you spread the costs of your insurance across the year. Please note that the total overall cost is higher if you pay monthly. Contact us on 1800 805 191 or by email on

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1Offer available to new customers who purchase the Medical Malpractice and Broadform Liability for Chiropractors & Osteopaths Policy and who do not currently have a Professional Indemnity or Public Liability policy through Aon. Aon reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time.

2Subject to full terms, conditions and limits of the policy. Please review the full policy wording for more information.

3We will process your certificate of currency request instantly but, depending on your internet speed and email server, it could take a few minutes to get to your inbox. If you're arranging the policy via one of our brokers the time line may vary, however it is likely, it will be a minimum of 24 hours.

4Hunter Premium Funding is a third party independent of Aon, however Aon will receive a commission if you pay for your policy through a premium funding agreement with them.

In arranging the Medical Malpractice and Broadform Liability for Chiropractors & Osteopaths Policy, Aon has a binder agreement with Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 under which we are authorised to commit Insurance Australia Limited to providing cover without reference to them. If you purchase this insurance, Aon will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium. Further information can be found in our FSG or provided upon request. When acting under a binder we will be acting under an authority given to Aon by the insurer and will be effecting the insurance contract as agent of the insurer and not as your agent. Our binder arrangements with the insurer are such that we remain your agent in the handling of any claim.

Please also note that Chiropractic Australia Ltd ABN 27 606 305 579 (CA), act as a referrer of the above listed insurance/s to Aon. Where you purchase this insurance as a result of a referral from CA to Aon, CA will receive a fixed fee from Aon’s total remuneration. Please feel free to contact us for further information.