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Why do Music and Singing Teachers need insurance?

Imagine this: you are providing your regular lesson to a student when suddenly the seat they are sitting on breaks and results in the student falling backwards hitting their head on the floor and breaking their instrument. While this is bad enough, your worries would probably treble if the family held you responsible and took legal action for financial compensation.  

If you’re a music or singing teacher, having appropriate insurance that is in tune with your needs is therefore important to help make sure you can keep playing throughout certain difficult situations.

Don’t just insure, be sure

Business insurance can be complicated. What you think you’re paying for isn’t always what you get. As a broker and Music and Singing Teachers insurance specialist, Aon helps you find a policy customised for the common risk of your industry so you’re more confident that you’ve found the right type of insurance for your business.

Why Aon for Music & Singing Teachers Insurance?

Don't just insure, be sure.

Right type of cover

  • Aon arranges Insurance tailored to protect against common risks in the Music & Singing Teachers sector
  • We help you to understand how your policy protects against the common risks as a Music & Singing Teacher
  • Competitive premiums thanks to Aon’s scale and influence.

Specialist support

  • A team of experienced Music & Singing Teachers insurance specialists to help you at every step
  • We help you make claims and advocate on your behalf
  • Australian based teams.

Easy to manage

  • Quotes online or over the phone on 1800 806 584
  • Options to take out premium funding loans to pay monthly. Fees and charges will apply
  • Adjust your policy any time. Terms and conditions may apply
  • Easy renewal management
  • Online requests for certificates of insurance.

Rely on Aon's industry expertise in Music & Singing Teachers Insurance

Business insurance can be complicated. What you think you’re paying for isn’t always what you get. At Aon, we want you to feel confident you’ve made a smart decision for your business insurance needs.

As SME specialists for Music and Singing Teachers insurance, we understand the risks that businesses like yours face and how to insure against them. We know insurance policies and understand that the detail of your policy wording is critical to providing the type of cover your small business needs. That’s why we help you by arranging policies customised for the common risks of your industry. 

Our team of Australian-based SME insurance experts are here to support you and your business every step of the way. We’ll give you access to the relevant information required to help you understand the cover options available to you so you can feel more informed about your choice of insurance.

What Insurances do Music & Singing Teachers need?

Public Liability Insurance
Public Liability insurance includes cover for your legal liability to a third party for property damage and/or bodily injury arising from your actions or your business activities. The Music & Singing Teachers Public Liability insurance policy we arrange provides cover for $30 million any one claim for public liability
Breach of Professional Duty Insurance
Breach of Professional Duty (or Professional Indemnity Insurance) includes cover for any claim, and costs to defend said claim, as a result of a breach of professional duty which arises from an act, error or omission by you during the conduct of your business. The claim must be first made against you and notified to the insurer during the period of insurance.

The Music & Signing teacher Liability Insurance we arrange includes $5,000,000 cover for breach of professional duty for any one claim and in the aggregate any one period of insurance.This policy also includes optional cover for your costs of defending allegations of molestation, interference or assault where you are vicariously liable for the actions of others.
Personal Accident Cover
This is also offered as part of the Music & Singing Teacher Insurance arranged by Aon. It includes cover for loss of income if you suffer an injury or sickness resulting in a permanent or temporary total or partial disablement from an insured event.1
Equipment and Musical Instrument Insurance
This is an optional cover. Your equipment are the tools of your trade, so if something was to happen to them, you’d want them replaced quickly so you can get back to doing what you love. Equipment & Musical Instrument Insurance is an optional cover available to you, but may be an important one for music & singing teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to some commonly asked questions by Music & Singing Teachers.
Why do music and singing teachers need Personal Accident insurance?
Teaching music might be your passion, but you’re probably in this field to make a living as well. If you suffer an injury from an accident, and can suddenly no longer teach students, your recovery should be your priority, not your bills and groceries. Personal accident insurance includes cover for your loss of income if you suffer an injury or sickness resulting in a permanent or temporary total or partial disablement from an insured event.1


If I teach students at my home, will my home insurance cover Public Liability if they’re injured in my home?
The Public Liability under home insurance policies sometimes exclude incidents that occur while you’re operating a business. You should check with your home insurance provider to clarify the coverage offered here. You may still need to take out additional Public Liability Insurance for your business, such as the Music & Signing Teachers Liability Insurance through Aon. 

If I conduct lessons at a student’s home, am I covered?
The coverage under Public Liability, Breach of Professional Duty and the Personal Accident Insurance extends to you teaching at your students’ homes. However, if you’re taking your equipment to your students’ homes, optional cover is available for these  if they’re damaged or stolen. This feature is not automatically included, and you should contact your broker to discuss what cover is available.

Explore more FAQs
Can I pay my premium on a monthly basis?
We are able to arrange periodical payment solutions including monthly payment through our premium funding option. This option is not available through our online quoting system, so if you are interested in premium funding, we ask that you please contact our Entertainment team on 1800 806 584 or

Can I cover my equipment outside of the home?
For this to be covered, you will need Equipment and Musical Instrument Insurance. This includes protection for your equipment whilst in storage, when on the move and even when in use. Cover is also included for accidental damage and theft, emergency hire of replacement equipment, and when you’re hiring your equipment out to 3rd parties pursuant to a written agreement.

Am I covered if I travel overseas? 
Under the Music & Singing Teachers Liability Insurance through Aon, if you conduct lessons while overseas (outside of North America), you will be covered for Public Liability, Breach of Professional Duty and Personal Accident.3

What if I need to make a change to my policy?
It is important to keep your policy up to date with the changing shape of your work but also to keep your business and personal information up to date in the event of a claim.

Should your business circumstances have changed, for example you have changed the services that you offer and you are not sure if your existing insurance covers it anymore then you can always call one of our experienced friendly brokers to discuss on 1800 806 584.

How do I renew my policy?
Your renewal offer and schedule will be sent to you via your elected email address approximately 30 days before your renewal date. It is important at this stage to review the details of our offer carefully (remember pricing and coverage levels may have changed so it is important to review). If you are happy with the offer and wish to accept, please make your payment by the date specified on your invoice.

What should I do if I have not received my certificate of currency or renewal offer/documents?
Please accept our apologies, at Aon we strive to deliver best in class service, so we are sorry to hear you have not received your documents. Please contact us on 1800 806 584 or and we will look to send your documents as soon as possible.

What are your opening hours?
Our opening hours are 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (except public holidays). If you need to contact us out of hours you can email us at and we will pick up your query on the next business day.


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1Subject to full terms, conditions and limits of the policy. Please review the full policy wording for more information.

2Claim must be made against you and immediately notified to the insurer within the period of insurance. Failure to notify the insurer during the period of insurance may affect cover.

3North America is USA and Canada, you will need to inform Aon if you require cover in North America, please contact us on 1800 806 584

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