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Why do Ausdance members need insurance?

Aon arranges insurance for thousands of dance studios, dance groups and dancers in Australia and are also proudly the approved insurance partner for members of Ausdance.

Ausdance and Aon have worked together for over thirty years to ensure there is an accessible, relevant and responsive insurance package for Australia's broad dance sector.

The Ausdance Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity Policy package arranged by Aon is convenient and easily available through an online quote and purchase. We offer both $10m and $20m Public and Products Liability options. The policy helps cover you for your legal liability for property damage and/or bodily injury to a third party that happens during the period of insurance and is caused by an occurrence in connection with your business activities.1

Why Aon?

Ausdance Insurance. Easy.

Easy to Understand

  • Easy to digest information about what insurances your business needs and buy online
  • Or it’s an easy call one of our experienced, friendly brokers on 1800 806 584

Easy to Buy

  • Quick quotes available online
  • Purchase in just a few clicks
  • Options available to pay monthly

Easy to Manage

  • Adjust your policy anytime you require and manage your renewals with a quick call
  • Request certificates of insurance quickly and easily
  • Aon can assist you in filing complex claims

Why choose Aon for Ausdance members Insurance?

When it comes to insurance for Ausdance members, there are a few options available to you, and deciding which ones you need might not be easy. Aon is committed to making life easier for you by arranging insurance that’s easy to understand, buy and manage, so you can get quotes and take out a policy online in just a few clicks. Or if you do need help, our team of friendly experienced brokers are a phone call away to help you understand what insurances you may or may not need, but more importantly, why. Helping give you confidence that you’re making a better decision for you and your business.

Cover Benefits of Ausdance members Insurance

Public and Products Liability cover

Public Liability option of $10,000,000 or $20,000,000 Limit of Liability any one occurrence.
Products Liability option of $10,000,000 or $20,000,000 Limit of Liability any one occurrence and in the aggregate any one period of insurance.
Damage to property not owned by you, but in your Care, Custody or Control is sub-limited to $100,000.1

Professional Indemnity Cover

Professional Indemnity with a Limit of Liability of $10,000,000 for any one claim and in the aggregate any one period of insurance.1
Retroactive Date Unlimited.
This is a claims made policy.1

Molestation Cover

Cover for civil defence costs in respect of any sexual assault, sexual harassment or molestation claim against you.
Aggregate liability $500,000 any one period of insurance.
Retroactive Date Unlimited.
This is a claims made policy.1

Student to Student Cover

Cover for the liability of one student to another; for example, if a student injures another student during a routine.1

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions commonly asked by Ausdance members.
Do I need to be a member of Ausdance to apply?
No, you do not need to be a member of Ausdance to apply for the policy. If you’re not a member, please visit our tailored dance insurance page.

If you’re a member, please note your Ausdance membership number whilst buying online and a discount will be applied to the quotation. If you don’t know your Ausdance membership number, please contact your Ausdance branch for further information.
Will this policy cover both my dance studio and me as a performer or dance performance group?
Yes, this policy can extend to all dance related activities under both the Public Liability and Professional Indemnity covers. Please note that all activities must be carried out under the same entity for the insurance to be valid.
Are subcontractors covered under the policy?
Yes, subcontractors can be covered under your policy as long as they are working on your behalf.
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Can I pay my premium on a monthly basis?
We are able to arrange periodical payment solutions including monthly payment through our premium funding option. This option is not available through our online quoting system, so if you are interested in premium funding, we ask that you please contact our Entertainment team on 1800 806 584 or

Is damage to property I own covered under the policy?
Property you own is not covered under the Ausdance Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity Policy Wording However, we can arrange a separate cover to suit your business needs. Please give us a call to discuss further on 1800 806 584 or email us at

Am I covered at different locations or when I go overseas?
The Ausdance Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity Policy cover is worldwide excluding USA and Canada.

If you require cover for USA and/or Canada, please give us a call on 1800 806 584 or email us at and we can organise cover on your behalf. 

Will I be covered when taking part in or organising events?
Participation in events and organising of events can be covered under the policy as long as these activities are in connection with your usual business activities as a dance studio owner or a dance teacher. The policy will only provide cover for You, the Insured and will not extend to any of your subcontractors such as sound & lighting technicians, caterers etc who will need their own insurance.

When will I receive my certificate of currency?
When you purchase your Ausdance Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance online you will receive your certificate of currency in minutes to your elected email address. If you purchase your insurance with one of our experienced brokers, you will receive your certificate within 24 hours.2 

How do I make a claim? 
You will find details of how to make a claim in the policy wording you receive from us. However, we also appreciate that having to make a claim can be a stressful time which is why as your advocate we are always on hand to help with any questions. Please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 806 584 during business hours. 

What if I need to make a change to my policy?
It is important to keep your policy up to date with the changing shape of your business but also to keep your business and personal information up to date in the event of a claim.

Should your business circumstances have changed, for example you have moved into new premises or you have changed the services that you offer and you are not sure if your existing insurance covers it anymore then you can always call one of our experienced friendly brokers to discuss on 1800 806 584.

How do I renew my policy?
Your renewal offer will be sent to you via your elected email address, approximately 30 days before your renewal date you will receive a renewal email including your tax invoice and schedule from Aon. It is important at this stage to review the details of our offer carefully (remember pricing and coverage levels may have changed so it is important to review). If you are happy with the offer and wish to accept, it is important that you pay for your renewal by the date specified on the tax invoice. Thank you for looking into renewing your policy through Aon. It is greatly valued that you are pleased with the level of service and coverage you receive. 

What other insurance policies do I need?

When it comes to deciding what insurance you need to take out, there are a wide range of options available to you, and deciding which policies you need isn’t easy. Your broker can help you understand each policy’s coverage, terms and conditions so you can make a decision based on what’s right for you. All insurances described below are subject to policy limits, terms and conditions.

Explore our products

Business Insurance
Business Insurance is designed to protect your business and its assets (including equipment) against certain unexpected events. For example it can include cover for damage to business premises and/or equipment caused by fire, storm, theft and other insured events. Cover is also available for damage to money (if you keep cash on premises), and portable contents such as mobile phones and laptops.1

A key part of this policy is Business Interruption, which can provide protection for lost revenue in the event your business is unable to operate as usual due to an insured peril.

Business Insurance is made up of a number of cover sections, and you can choose the sections that relate to your business. Cover is also available for damage to money (if you keep cash on premises), portable contents such as mobile phones and laptops, and Public Liability.
Cyber Insurance
Cyber insurance protects you against some cyber related threats, such as cyber criminals hacking into your network and stealing your data. You probably store valuable client data like bank account details, as well as forms of ID such as passports and drivers’ licences. This type of information can be enough of a lure for cyber criminals, so this coverage may be worth considering when protecting your business.
Management Liability
If you own your own business, you’re likely responsible for making some big decisions. Management liability insurance is designed to cover you and your business against actual or alleged mismanagement of your business. 

Management Liability insurance can also help cover Employment Practices claims made against you by current or former Employees.1
Workers' Compensation
Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers an Employer’s liability to a worker for injuries arising out of their employment. Workers’ Compensation Insurance is mandatory but the requirements and legislation varies between the different States and Territories so you should check before making a decision.
Personal Accident
Personal Accident insurance can protect you in the event of accidental injury, providing a lump sum payment or covering your loss of income to help give you the financial support you need.1

Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, Personal Accident insurance can be tailored to cover you for injuries sustained at work, on your journey to work, and/or anywhere, covering you 24/7.

Everyone’s professional and personal circumstances are different, and that’s why it’s important to get the right insurance mix to support your individual needs. If you would like to find out more about insurance coverage, please contact the Aon team on 1800 806 584.
Equipment and Musical Instrument Insurance
You might travel to performances with equipment such as musical instruments, PA systems, speakers, props and costumes. If any of your equipment is stolen or damaged, you can be covered for its replacement. Choose the level of cover you require between $5k and $20k.


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1Subject to full terms, conditions and limits of the policy. Please review the full policy wording for more information.

2We will process your certificate of currency request instantly but, depending on your internet speed and email server, it could take a few minutes to get to your inbox.

Ausdance Member Insurance is arranged by Aon Risk Services Australia Limited, ABN 17 000 434 720, AFSL 241141 as agent for the insurer, Chubb Insurance Australia Limited, ABN 23 001 642 020, AFSL 239687. If you purchase this insurance, we will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium. Further information can be provided upon request.