Aon's Website Terms of Use – September 2020
About this website

Thank you for visiting this website. This website is owned and operated by Aon Risk Services Australia Limited (ABN 17 000 434 720 AFSL No. 241141) or its related entities as defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Aon, us, our or we) and powered by a platform called “Aon Direct” administered by CoverWallet Science, Inc. (ARBN 632 740 259) (CoverWallet), a company owned by Aon plc.

By accessing or using this website (including Live Chat as referred to below) you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below (the Terms of Use). We may change these Terms of Use at any time without notice. Any amendment will be effective immediately. Your use of this website after any amendment constitutes an agreement by you to comply with and be bound by the amended Terms of Use. Accordingly, you should read these Terms of Use from time to time for changes.

About our relationship with CoverWallet

By powering this website and providing administrative support services on our behalf, Aon has appointed CoverWallet to act as its distributor under ASIC Corporations (Basic Deposit and General Insurance Product Distribution) Instrument 2015/682 in relation to general insurance products. Aon and CoverWallet may jointly prepare content on this website, however any enquiries in relation to the insurance products advertised should be directed to Aon. CoverWallet provide no advice, recommendations or opinions that may influence your decision to purchase an insurance product on this website.

About buying insurance online


Only Australian residents are eligible to buy insurance online through us.


You can apply for an online quote by completing and submitting the information requested on our quote pages (Quote Application). Provided we have the requisite information, we may issue you a quote on behalf of one or more insurers (Quote).

If you decide you want to purchase an insurance policy online based on a Quote, and we offer you that option, you will need to provide us with any further information and confirmations requested and submit a request to purchase (Insurance Application). Your Insurance Application is complete when it is recorded within our database and is accepted by the Insurer.

We will let you know when your Insurance Application has been accepted by providing you with a confirmation email containing a transaction reference number. If you don’t receive a confirmation email from us then your Insurance Application has not been accepted. If your Insurance Application has not been accepted then we may contact you using the details you have provided, or you can contact us on 02 8623 4000 or by emailing

Please note that we will assume that an electronic instruction is authentic. We have no obligation to authenticate the person issuing or transmitting the electronic instructions or to verify the accuracy or completeness of the electronic instructions. We may act on the electronic instructions sent or received through our website without any reference to you.

Any application for insurance made using this site is subject to disclosure obligations, an approval process and relevant policy terms and conditions.


Any insurance policy purchased via this website must be paid for in full upfront by one of the credit cards we accept, by electronic funds transfer (EFT), by BPAY or by monthly instalments via a loan through Hunter Premium Funding.

If paying in full by credit card, you will need to provide us with the following details:

  • Type of credit card
  • Card number
  • Name of credit card holder
  • Expiry date
  • CVV (upon request)

If you choose to pay via EFT or BPAY, you can find the payment details on your invoice.

The amount or amounts due must be paid in full by clear funds by the due date.

Details of your payment plan if you choose to take up our premium funding option (if applicable) will also be provided with your policy documents.


Credit Cards

For your convenience, we seek your consent to store your credit card details for future renewals, unless you let us know otherwise by following the procedure below.

By providing credit card details to us, you confirm the following:

  • you are the cardholder or have express permission from the cardholder to save and use this card; and
  • you authorise us to charge the applicable amount to the credit card to renew your policy;

until you let us know otherwise in writing.

Automatic renewals using your stored credit card details will generally be processed on the inception date of your renewal policy. We will send you a reminder about our intention to auto renew your policy using your stored credit card details as part of your renewal package which will be sent at least 14 days prior to renewal. A subsequent reminder will be sent to you at least 7 days prior to renewal. Please contact us at least 3 business days prior to your renewal date if you do not wish to renew using your stored card details so that you avoid any unnecessary fees or charges. If there are any issues with charging your card on file, we will likewise be in contact with you to let you know.

You can otherwise opt out of paying your renewals using your credit card details stored on our file, or update your credit card details, by contacting us at any time at: (02) 6190 0958 or

Please note that if you elect to pay your renewal by any other method (such as BPAY or premium funding) or let us know you do not wish to proceed with renewal, we will cancel the auto renewal authority using your stored credit card details.

Pay by the Month: Premium Funding Loan Rollover

We may offer to arrange a premium funding loan to help spread the cost of your insurance premiums over the year via our alliance partner, Hunter Premium Funding (HPF). Your premium funding loan arrangement is a loan agreement between you and HPF and is subject to HPF’s terms and conditions, as agreed by you.

Where you elect to pay by the month using premium funding, you automatically appoint Aon as your agent for the purpose of arranging future funding on your behalf as set out in our FSG, until you let us know otherwise by email at or calling us at 1800 702 738. This means that on renewal we will automatically arrange on your behalf for:

  • Hunter to issue and provide to you via Aon Direct, subject to continuing loan approval, an updated payment plan based on the policies that are due for renewal, together with any other policies from time to time as part of your renewal package, at least 14days prior to expiry of your existing loan; and
  • your renewal policy to be paid using a rollover of your existing premium funding arrangement with HPF unless you let us or HPF know in writing that you do not wish to renew funding by contacting us at or calling us at 1800 702 738.

Automatic renewals using rollover of your rollover premium funding arrangement will generally be processed on the inception date of your renewal policy. We will send you a reminder about our intention to auto renew your policy using your premium funding arrangement with HPF as part of your renewal package which will be sent at least 14 days prior to renewal. A subsequent reminder will be sent to you at least 7 days prior to renewal. Please contact us at least 3 business days prior to your renewal date if you do not wish to renew using your rollover premium funding arrangement so that you avoid any unnecessary fees or charges with both Aon and HPF, in which case we will cancel the auto renewal authority using your funding arrangement.

Important Information about Auto Renewal

Please note that standard policy renewal terms and conditions apply for auto renewals via the processes set out above.

If you have opted for premium funding, any rollover is also subject to ongoing loan terms and conditions as set out in your loan agreement with HPF.

Each renewal is a separate policy, not an extension of the prior policy. As part of the renewal packages we send you, we will remind you of your legal duty of disclosure and request that you review and update your renewal and coverage information if needed. If no updates are required, you do not need to do anything if you have consented to the auto renewal processes set out above as we will automatically renew on those terms and deduct/charge the new renewal premium from your credit card or by applying your new rollover loan via HPF on your behalf, unless you tell us not to.

Please contact us if you do not wish to take up any renewal offer. Similarly, if we are unable to offer renewal of your policy, we will let you know in writing.

About using this website
  1. Restrictions:
    You agree that when using the website (including Live Chat as referred to below), you will not:
    • do anything which will or might damage, disrupt access to, or interfere with the proper operation of this website, or any transaction being conducted on it;
    • do anything which will or might place an unreasonable load on the website infrastructure;
    • post, distribute or send any 'spamming material' or any other form of bulk communication;
    • impersonate any person or entity
    • publish, or disseminate any material which is unlawful, defamatory, indecent, offensive or inappropriate
    • transmit any material which contains viruses, or other computer codes designed to interrupt, limit or destroy the efficient operation of the website, or its software or hardware; or
    • do anything which breaches or infringes our property rights in any way, including copyright.
  2. Live Chat:
    Our live chat facility (Live Chat) is operated and maintained by Intercom, Inc., a company incorporated in the USA (“Intercom”). Live Chat enables our advisors to provide general information about our products and to provide help and assistance in navigating our website.

    We will not provide you with personal advice or make any recommendations to you using Live Chat. Please do not provide any sensitive personal information or confidential information over Live Chat. If we require any personal or confidential information to assist you, we will contact you by other means.

    If you provide any personal information, we will collect, use, store and disclose your personal information in accordance with Aon’s Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use. We may disclose to Intercom any information you provide over Live Chat. Australian Privacy Principle 8.1 will not apply to the extent information is held outside of Australia by Intercom.

    We will retain records (transcripts) of conversations held via Live Chat. If you require a copy of the transcript of your chat, please request this via Live Chat at the end of your chat session or contact us by email or phone to request a copy.

  3. Disclaimers:
    Accuracy: Whilst we will use our best endeavours to ensure that the information on the website is up-to-date, we don't warrant the accuracy, adequacy of, or completeness of, any information contained on this website. Please feel free to email us at if you notice an error.

    Availability and access: We will take reasonable steps to provide a safe and reliable service but there are some risks with using the internet. We do not guarantee that the website will be free from viruses and accept no responsibility for any harmful computer code that might be introduced to your system by using this website. We do not guarantee that access to this website (including Live Chat) will be uninterrupted and accept no responsibility for any interruption. Your access to this website or any product may be terminated at any time, without notice. You may not be authorised to access the website after termination but the limitation of liability and indemnity provisions in these Terms of Use will survive the termination. Any licenses or other rights you granted to us will also survive termination.

    Advice: The information contained on this website is general in nature and should not be relied on as advice (personal, taxation or otherwise) because your personal needs, objectives and financial situation have not been considered. Before deciding whether a particular product is right for you, please consider your personal circumstances as well as, the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (if applicable) and full policy terms and conditions available from Aon on request. All representations on this website in relation to the insurance products we arrange are subject to the full terms and conditions of the relevant policy. Please call us on 02 8623 4000 or email us if you have any queries.

    Relationships: The insurers, products and services that may be referenced on this website are not representative of all carriers, products and services available in the market. Insurers listed and ranked have commercial relationships with Aon in the limited product ranges specified on the website. The website may also include information on past performance of insurers, which may not be indicative of future performance. If you purchase any insurance product through this website, Aon will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium and will share this with CoverWallet.

    Website Links: Our website may be linked to other websites. They are provided for your convenience only. Links to an external site should not be construed as an endorsement. We make no representation about the accuracy of any information contained on any other websites. We are not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense you incur in accessing or attempting to access such a site. You must obtain our prior written permission to link to this website

  4. Intellectual Property: We own certain registered trademarks which may appear on this website. Unauthorised use is prohibited. We also own the copyright in the information and material on this website or we have the right to use it under a license or agreement. You may print out or download a copy for your personal, non-commercial use. Except as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 or any other applicable law, all other use, copying or reproduction of all or part of this website is prohibited.

  5. Liability & Indemnity: Except for obligations implied by law that cannot be excluded, you agree that neither we, nor our directors, employees, agents, contractors and related entities will be liable for any loss arising out of or referable to material on this website, or use of, or access to this website (including Live Chat). To the extent permitted by law, this includes any loss arising as a result of any unauthorised access or breach of security to this website; arising as a result of any delay in effecting any transaction attempted to be processed through this site; arising as a result of any failure to effect any transaction attempted to be processed through this site; arising as a result of any error, omission or misrepresentation in relation to this website or arising from the transmission of any computer virus. You agree that in no circumstances will we or our directors, employees, agents, contractors or related entities be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss, damage, liabilities, claims or expenses (including legal costs, defence and settlement costs). You agree to indemnify us, our directors, employees, agents, contractors and related entities for any loss suffered, or any costs that may be incurred arising from your breach of these Terms of Use or any other legal obligation, or your access to this website.

  6. NSW Stamp Duty Exemption: You may be asked to provide a declaration about your eligibility to claim the NSW Stamp Duty Exemption. The NSW Government amended the Duties Act 1997 (NSW) (the NSW Duties Act) to provide a stamp duty exemption for eligible small businesses on certain insurance products taken out on or after 1 January 2018. If you are considered a small business, you will not be required to be stamp duty on:
    • Commercial vehicle insurance – for a motor vehicle used primarily for business purposes;
    • Commercial aviation insurance – for an aircraft that is used primarily for business purposes;
    • Occupational indemnity insurance – insurance covering liability arising out of the provision by a person of professional services or other services (other than medical indemnity cover within the meaning of the Medical Indemnity Act 2002 (Cth)); and
    • Product and public liability insurance – insurance covering liability for personal injury or property damage occurring in connection with a business or arising out of the products or services of a business.

    The above list may be modified from time to time, you should check Revenue NSW’s website for an updated list of eligible insurance products.

    To obtain the benefit of the exemption you must be an eligible small business. In summary, you are a small business if you are an individual, partnership, company or trust that:
    • is carrying on a business, and
    • the business has an aggregated turnover* of less than $2 million.

    * Aggregated turnover is your annual turnover plus the annual turnovers of any business entities that are your affiliates or are connected with you.

    If you are unsure whether the definition of small business applies to you for the purposes of determining your eligibility for the stamp duty exemption or to view the most up to date listing of insurance products that are eligible for the tax relief, visit Revenue NSW’s website for more information or obtain qualified tax advice. Aon is not able to provide tax advice, such as whether you are eligible for the stamp duty exemption.

    If you believe you are eligible, you must provide an acceptable form of small business declaration to your insurer or your broker on behalf of the insurer by following the instructions provided to you from time to time.

    It is your responsibility as the insured to determine your eligibility for the exemption. Your insurer will rely on this declaration in applying the stamp duty exemption for small businesses on relevant insurance products in NSW. If you claim the small business exemption and are not entitled to it, you may be required by the insurer to pay an amount equal to the duty, together with any interest or penalty tax payable. The insurer may recover this amount as a debt if the amount is not paid. You may also be liable to penalties under relevant laws. Neither Aon nor your insurer is responsible or liable for incorrect or dishonest declarations.

    A new declaration is required at each renewal period to satisfy legislative requirements.

  7. Communications and use of information: You consent to being contacted by email, phone or other communication methods in relation to any application or purchase of products made by you through this website. Aon and its service providers (including CoverWallet on our behalf) may use information provided by you through this website, whether in combination with other data or not, for purposes including market research, developing products and services and data analytics. Any collection and use of personally identifiable information will be in accordance with Aon’s Privacy Policy.

  8. Jurisdiction: The information on this website is provided for Australian residents only. The law applicable in New South Wales will apply to the use of this website. The parties submit to the courts of New South Wales.

  9. Severability: Each of these website Terms of Use is individually severable. If any provision is or becomes unenforceable it shall be severed and the remaining Terms of Use will not be affected.

  10. Contact Us: If you have any technical issues when using this website or any suggestions on how we can improve our service to you, please call us on 02 8623 4000 or email

  11. System Requirements: To get the best from this website we recommend using up to date browser versions. Please note Internet Explorer is not supported.