Insurance for members of Rowing Australia

What is covered?

Automatic inclusions for Rowing Australia Members under the Rowing Australia National Insurance Program

  1. Public and Products Liability
  2. Professional Indemnity
  3. Sports Injury / Personal Accident

Cover in which State Associations and Rowing Clubs are responsible for insuring themselves

  1. Property and Contents Insurances
  2. Club/State Boats and Trailer Insurances
  3. Any other insurances clubs and members require outside of the National Insurance Program

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Sports Injury / Personal Accident

Covers injury that occurs during any sanctioned Rowing Australia activity, including races, events and training. The benefits provided under the policy are for accidental death & permanent injury, cover for non-Medicare expenses, loss of income (due to disablement caused by the injury) and several others.

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Public Liability, Products Liability and Professional Indemnity

Public Liability
Up to $20m cover for members held liable for a negligent act that has caused property damage or bodily injury to a third party, anywhere in the world.

Products Liability
Up to $10m cover for members held liable for any bodily injury as a result of products sold or supplied to customers or to members of the public.

Professional Indemnity
Up to $10m cover for a coach/official held liable for an error or incorrect advice given which caused injury or property damage to a third party.

Please click here for the full policy wording.

Management Liability

Management Liability safeguards Rowing Australia Limited, Affiliated States and Affiliated Rowing Clubs against allegations such as:

  • Occupational health and safety breaches
  • Employee discrimination
  • Financial mismanagement
  • Illegal conduct
  • Breach of directors’ or officers’ duties

Corporate Travel

This policy covers Rowing Australia Limited, Affiliated State Associations, including Directors, Executives, Managers, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Authorised members, Australian and State teams whilst travelling in relation to sanctioned Rowing Australia events.

Cyber Liability & Privacy Protection

This policy safeguards Rowing Australia Limited, affiliated States and affiliated Rowing Clubs against Cyber, Privacy and Media Risks. It protects against cyber exposures including sensitive data being lost or stolen, as well as the costs associated with replacing or repairing damage to systems or equipment, and the interruption to business operations following an incident.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation provides cover for wage replacement and medical benefits to employees of Rowing Australia who are injured in their course of employment. 'Workers' compensation insurance is compulsory for all employers in Australia and our services are directed at ensuring compliance with workers' compensation legislations nationally whilst mitigating Rowing Australia’s Risk.

Property and Contents Insurance (Rowing Clubs responsibility)

Provides cover for your club’s Property and Contents from Fire, Theft, Accidental damage. This policy can also include cover for loss of income the club suffers after a disaster, cover theft of money and include glass replacement cover. 

Your club must arrange cover for this and can contact Aon for a quote today.

Marine Hull / Rowing Scull (Rowing Clubs and Individuals responsibility)

Provides cover  for accidental damage and theft for you rowing craft, working equipment, blades, oars, accessories and trailer(s). 

You and your club must arrange cover for this and can contact Aon for a quote today.

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