EPL insurance for Workplace Assured clients

Please provide us with a breakdown of Number of Employees applicable to each State (must equal 100%)

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  • I/We confirm, that after enquiry of all personnel, I am not aware of any employment related claims being made against the Company within the last three (3), nor do I/we know of any potential circumstances or incidents which may give rise to a claim.
  • I/We acknowledge that I/we have read, understood and agree to comply with my duty of disclosure obligations as set out in the Important Notices.
  • I/We acknowledge that if this application is accepted, the insurance cover will be subject to the terms and conditions as set out in the Policy Schedule and Policy Wording.
  • I/We declare that the information contained in this application form is true and correct and that I/we have not misstated any facts.
  • I/We declare that the Company is a registered client of Workplace Assured as at the date of this insurance application and will maintain my/our Workplace Assured contract for the term of this insurance policy. If the contract with Workplace Assured ceases, I/we will provide written notification to Aon.
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