Cinematographer Insurance Proposal Form

Please complete this proposal form in full. Upon our receipt of your completed form, a Tax Invoice detailing your payment options will be sent to you. Before completing this form you must read the Notice to the Proposed Insured, as a requirement of the Insurance Contract Act.

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N.B. A Freelance Cinematographer’s business would entail shooting film/video, editing and presenting finished product to the client. It does not cover producing/directing/financing own material in the capacity of an entire film production company.

5. Describe business carried out at your own premises:

6. Describe business carried out away from your premises

7. Describe business carried out by others occupying your premises

9. Number of proprietors or partners working in the business?

10. How many employees (not including proprietors or partners)?

11. Estimate your Gross Annual turnover for the next 12 months?

12. Please describe what you primarily shoot (i.e. commercials, news, sports etc.) and where (i.e. throughout Australia, mostly Sydney etc)

13. Do you own any equipment? If yes, what is the total replacement value of all your equipment?

If yes, please advise details:

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