Resident Unit Manager’s Insurance

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Resident Unit Manager's Insurance

Resident Managers – are you insured appropriately?

As a resident unit manager, you’re aware of the risks facing you and the properties that you look after. What if someone slips and falls on a flight of stairs, or an injury occurs as a result of old equipment? As a resident unit manager, ensuring you have both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance is critical.

What’s the difference between these two insurance policies?

Professional Indemnity insurance protects you against any claims made against you based on errors, omissions or negligent acts that can occur in the day-to-day operation of your work.

Public Liability insurance protects you against claims where you are legally liable for bodily injury or property damage.

Both instances can result in hefty losses from both a financial and reputational standpoint. Therefore, having the right insurance with the right partner is critical for you to be able to rest assured you’re protected against anything that might come your way.

Cover through Aon

Now it’s even easier to purchase your Resident Unit Managers insurance through Aon. Simply click Buy Online and fill in a few questions about your business to receive a quote.

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If you:

  • conduct sales activity under a real estate sales licence
  • manage any properties outside the complex to be insured
  • manage more than one complex
  • have any non-residential units or premises in complex

Call our specialist team directly to talk through your insurance in more detail.

Cover benefits through Aon:

Located across major Australian cities
And while we’re a global company with offices all across Australia, we’re also right here by your side. Offering a dedicated manager who will be your point of call for anything relating to your insurance coverage, you can call upon us whenever the need arises.
Industry expertise
When you compare Resident Unit Manager's Insurance providers for real estate agents, know that with Aon, you’re in safe hands. Not only do we arrange comprehensive cover, we also bring over 40 years of experience in Australia’s Real Estate Industry, as some of the most respected experts and leaders in the industry.
Our claims handling process
When it comes to making claims, providing you have all the relevant documentation at lodgement, the process can be done simply over the phone or via email. 

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