Insurance cover for Work Experience and Internships

Why Aon?

Are you a student looking to undertake work experience or someone trying to get a foot-in-the-door of your desired industry through an internship? Or perhaps, you’re an organisation about to accept a work experience placement.

Aon’s combined Public Liability & Personal Accident Policy has been designed to suit the needs of interns and work experience participants, whether working only short-term or for up to 12 months in Australia only and no matter the type of work.

We’ve got you covered:

Public Liability

Limit: $20,000,000

This provides cover for the intern should they, whilst doing work experience activities, cause injury or property damage to a third party (for e.g. the hiring organisation), and that third party then sues them for the damage.

This is a nil excess policy i.e. when making a claim, you won’t need to pay anything additional.

Personal Accident Cover

Limit: Death Benefit $100,000 + Weekly Benefit $1,000

This covers the work experience placement/intern should, whilst performing their relevant duties, and/or when travelling directly to and from the work experience location, accidental injury or death occur.

Key Policy Benefits:

  • Nil excess on all claims except medical expense claims.
  • No age limit (must be able to follow instruction)
  • Student Tutorial and Domestic Help limited to 26 weeks.
  • Paraplegia or Quadriplegia - home or car renovation/modification up to $5,000
  • Ambulance Hire that’s not recoverable from any other source.
  • Funeral expenses - $5,000.
  • Non-Medicare Medical Expenses - excluding any costs wholly or partially covered by Medicare* - up to $1,500 dollars.
  • Out of pocket expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred due to an injury - $500.
  • Pharmaceutical expenses following advice of a medical practitioner, for an injury incurred - up to $500.

*Under Australian Federal Legislation, it's illegal for general insurance companies to cover medical items that would/ should have been covered by Medicare. This means insurers won’t cover Medicare payment gaps, eg. if a GP charges $100 for their service & the medical scheduled fee is $75, the $25 gap is uninsurable. 

Need to make a claim?

If you become aware of a matter/issue that may be (or give rise to) a claim, you must notify us a.s.a.p and provide all relevant correspondence and documentation. You can notify a claim by calling Aon on 1800 123 266, emailing, or writing to Aon at PO Box 1331, Parramatta, 2124.

Insurance for Australia

Aon’s Work Experience and Internship insurance provides cover to individuals or organisations across the whole of Australia including NSW, WA, NT, QLD, SA, VIC, ACT and TAS. So, regardless of where you live or operate from in Australia, you can be covered with Aon.

    Got a question? Our dedicated NFP Team is available by phone or email Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm AEST.

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