Professional Indemnity Insurance for Psychology Postgraduate Students and Registrars

Complimentary insurance for APS student members*

*Eligibility criteria applies.

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Protect your livelihood and prevent financial loss with Aon’s complimentary professional indemnity insurance


As a psychology postgraduate student or registrar, if you don’t provide the correct professional advice or treatment to a client and they are negatively impacted, there is a chance that they will take legal action against you. It’s an unfortunate reality that just one small mistake, error of judgement, injury or perceived piece of bad advice can lead to a claim against you personally – and potentially cost you both professionally and financially.

Professional indemnity insurance can act as a safety net to provide protection from the costs associated with any claims (including legal costs and any damages awarded).


Do I need professional indemnity insurance?


Your higher education institution and/or your registered psychologist supervisor is meant to have a policy in force that covers you whilst in placements, however it’s your responsibility as the student to ensure that you are covered. If you find that you are not adequately covered by your university or supervisor, Aon’s insurance covers the gap.

Aon’s insurance covers you for claims against professional wrong doing while providing psychological services, which helps to protect your livelihood and prevent financial loss. This gives you the peace of mind and confidence to practice and grow in your career.

Plus, if you are an APS student member, you can get this cover as a complimentary service, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

The policy runs from 30th June each year for a 12 month duration and covers you for professional indemnity ($2 million per claim and $4 million in total), and public and products liability ($20 million).


Applying for cover


If you would like to apply for this cover, please check that you meet the eligibility criteria below and then apply now.


Handy hint: Once you become a practising psychologist, we can easily transition you to a professional indemnity policy that is suitable for practicing psychologists and approved by APS. 

Eligibility criteria

You will remain eligible to access coverage to the Aon Postgraduate student/Registrar malpractice insurance policy if you continue to satisfy the following criteria:

Postgraduate student requirements:  You are an Associate Member or Student Subscriber of the APS who is a student enrolled in an APAC-accredited 5th year or 5th and 6th year postgraduate course and holds provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Registrar requirements: You are a member or Associate Member of the APS who holds general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and is in a PsyBA approved registrar program


You are an APS member who holds general registration as a psychologist and who is awaiting confirmation of AHPRA approval of their Registrar program.

As a student you must also:

• Be undertaking approved studies in the field of psychology

• Be a student APS member

• Have no criminal convictions or been subject to any disciplinary proceedings

• Not have had any claims for professional negligence against you, nor be aware of any circumstances that could lead to a professional indemnity, or public and products liability claims against you, and

• Be working under the supervision of a qualified psychologist & engaging in related tasks. This cover only protects them for psychology profession-related activities.  

Eligible? Apply now.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, please visit to obtain a no obligation quote for an alternate insurance product that may provide you with cover.

Approved by the Australian Psychological Society (APS)

The Australian Psychological Society is pleased to recommend Aon's professional indemnity insurance products for psychologists to our members. Aon has demonstrated real understanding when it comes to the challenges and risks that psychologists face. - APS

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