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Why Aon?

Aon are proudly the preferred insurance partner supplier to the Our Community member network, because with 30+ years' experience in the NFP sector and dedicated NFP Team, we understand your risks. As part of our commitment to the third sector, we've also undertaken 2 major initiatives to make your insurance experience easier:

  • Renewals: if there's no change to your NFPs' activities over the next year, you'll get no forms at renewal!
  • Choosing/Checking you've got the right covers: As all Our Community member organisations are unique and your risks change with growth, your insurance package should too. We've created the 2 tools below to ensure you have the correct covers.


Endorsed by Our Community (OC)

“Finally, the entire not-for-profit sector has a specialist provider of insurance services focused on not-for-profit insurance needs: public liability, officers and directors, volunteer, property, cyber security. Aon has all the answers and as such, Our Community is delighted to recommend them to our members.”

We cover all your essentials

Using the Insurance Puzzle Helper - Start-up/new NFP

NFP Insurance Puzzle Helper - our unique, interactive and customer-friendly online tool helps you identify, understand + easily apply online for, only the covers needed. This means you can trust you're covered for the risks you face, and not paying for those you don't. Plus, if you're not ready to apply, we've also included ‘contact me’ forms that allow our NFP team to answer your queries by phone or email.

* The information about Aon Risk Services NFP products is general in nature and should not be relied upon as advice (personal or otherwise) because your personal needs, objectives and financial situation have not been considered. So before deciding whether a particular product is right for you, please request the relevant PDS or contact 1800 803 315 to receive a copy and to speak to an advisor.

Using the Insurance Review Checklist – Established NFP

Insurance Review Checklist - how long has it been since you last checked your NFP insurance - does it meet your current risks, does it account for emerging risks in the NFP space, are you paying for covers you don't need? We've created a  checklist system for established NFPs to ensure their insurance still ticks all their risk boxes.

The 6 key NFP insurance covers:

Public and products liability: If third parties suffer an injury or property damage as a result of your organisation's activities, we can ensure that you, your employees and your volunteers are protected in the event of a claim

Protector association liability: Cover for your organisation’s directors, officers and bearers against legal obligation for actions arising from their duties. It also protects your organisation against alleged wrongful acts, and extends to employment practices liability and fidelity.

Voluntary workers personal accident: Age shouldn’t be an obstacle to volunteering or your insurance, so we offer a policy with no age limit. Your volunteers will be covered no matter how old.

Property and crime: We make sure you’re covered for loss, theft or damage to items that generally don’t leave your premises. However, if some items do need to leave the premises, we can ensure they’re covered too, just give us a call.

Motor Vehicles - Owned and Non-owned:

Owned Motor Vehicles: Comprehensive motor cover protects your organisation's (including leased) vehicles.
Non-Owned Motor Vehicles: This covers loss of excess, no claim bonus and hire costs for vehicles not owned by your organisation (such as those owned by volunteers) while being used on behalf of the organisation.

Optional: NFP Cyber Insurance

As a NFP, you will store a lot of personal information on your systems. With the recent rise in cyber hacks and attacks, and the fact that standard insurance policies won’t protect you in the event of one, what would happen if one of those affected was your NFP?

In response, we've worked with our cyber risk experts to develop a comprehensive and competitively priced insurance cover that protects your NFP. Learn More & Apply Online today: Aon’s NFP Cyber insurance

Aon and Everproof - new product

Aon has recently partnered with Everproof – a value-adding product for Not-for-Profits, which in the insurance industry, only we're exclusively licensed to offer.

Everproof provides a way to automate and streamline your processes for ensuring all your volunteers and staff have the qualifications required for their roles. It also helps reduce your risks by ensuring automated verification of information and sends out expiry reminders to individuals. Historically, these tasks were all manually managed through spreadsheets or printed papers which were time-consuming and prone to human error and fraudulent data.

Our Community members who are Aon clients will receive a 10% discount off their Everproof subscription. Just quote the discount code: AONOC

More info can be found on their Youtube or by contacting them direct:

    Got a question? Our dedicated NFP Team is available by phone or email Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm AEST.

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