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How we're supporting Australian volleyball with Insurance Solutions

Helping protect the future of Australian volleyball clubs

As a leading global risk and insurance provider, at Aon we understand that sport is a defining and essential part of Australian culture.

Aon are delighted to be the appointed broker for Volleyball Australia, and look forward to safeguarding the volleyball community, across each State and Territory Associations, and engaging with the passionate participants, volunteers and administrators.

Nicholas Green OAM - National Industry Practice Leader - Sport, Aon & Dual Olympic four-time World Champion Gold Medalist

I have witnessed first-hand the passion and enthusiasm of the volleyball participant at both the elite and community level. At Aon, we’re very proud to be providing our professional services to Volleyball Australia and the volleyball community and look forward to building a successful relationship between two like-minded organisations with shared common values.

As a member of a Volleyball Australia affiliated club you're automatically covered for:

Group Personal Accident
Pays weekly and lump sum benefits for certain nominated events, where an insured member suffers injury while participating in any sanctioned Volleyball Australia activity, including training, games, competition, or other activities connected with the sport.
Public & Products Liability
Pays Volleyball Australia’s legal liability to compensate members or third parties (who are not employees) who suffer injury, or whose property is damaged, in connection with Volleyball Australia’s business activities and products.

Insurance solutions for volleyball clubs

Aon can assist with general insurance requirements for all Volleyball Australia affiliated associations and clubs, including protection for buildings, contents and equipment, event cancellation, association liability and more.

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Aon has a deep understanding of the risk in sports. Proudly helping protect sporting in Australia over many decades, we negoatiate with leading insurers to offer insurance for benefit of the sporting community.

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We work for you to pursue a fast and positive settlement of your claim. We draw on our health industry knowledge and our long-standing relationships with insurers to manage and back your claim.

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How to make a claim

Group Personal Accident
Payment of weekly and lump sum benefits for insured events arising out of injury to a volleyball player, coach, or official occurring while at a competition, whilst training, or whilst engaged in authorised Volleyball Australia activities.    

Step 1. Complete this form and forward directly to the insurer at

There is no need to call Aon unless you are unhappy with the service or decision from the insurer or have questions about the coverage. If you wish to contact Aon, please call us on 1800 377 712 or email us at    
Public and Products Liability
Covers your legal liability to pay compensation for injury to a spectator or visitor at a competition authorised by Volleyball Australia, or at your clubrooms.

Covers your legal liability to pay compensation for damage to a spectator’s or visitor’s property at a competition authorised by Volleyball Australia, or at your clubrooms. If an incident occurs where you are being held liable by a third party, you should contact Aon as soon as possible.  

Step 1. Take photos on the day of the incident if possible or as soon as practicable afterwards and ensure you get the names and contact details of any possible witnesses either from the club or members of the public.

Step 2. Report any incidents to Aon (even if you’re unsure if a claim might eventuate).

Step 3. Do not admit liability to any third party as this might prejudice any future claim.

Step 4. Call Aon on 1800 377 712 or email to discuss any concerns and get advice on how to proceed. We will liaise with insurers on your behalf and ensure your state association is aware of the matter. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions commonly asked.
What's the period of insurance for Volleyball Australia’s Aon National Insurance Program?
This is 31 of March 2020 to 31 of March 2021.
What are Affiliated Volleyball Club members insured for under the Aon National Insurance program?
  1. Public & Products Liability
  2. Group Personal Accident

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance covers you for losses or damage a third party suffers as a result of your activities. It provides protection to volleyball members that are held liable for a negligent act that results in property damage and/or bodily injury.

What is Group Personal Accident (Sports Injury) Insurance?
Personal Accident Insurance covers injuries resulting from an accident (not illness) whilst participating in sanctioned Volleyball activities. For more information please contact Volleyball Australia or Aon.
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How can I demonstrate that I hold insurance?
A Certificate of Currency is a document that confirms an insurance policy is current and valid. It is issued by Aon as the Insurance Broker for Volleyball Australia and can be downloaded online through the following link. Alternatively, you can email Aon on to request a copy.

How do I make a claim?
For more information on making a claim, please refer to our Claims Information tab. If you need some help with a claim feel free to email us at or give us a call on 1800 377 712.

Is the cost of an Ambulance covered under the Aon National Insurance Program?

Yes, Ambulance transport is a non-Medicare medical expense and as such is covered under the Group Personal Accident section of the Program. For more information please contact Volleyball Australia or Aon. 

Am I still covered if I travel abroad?
Yes. The policy provides worldwide cover. For full details please refer to the policy wording.

I have a specific Volleyball insurance related question that isn’t answered in these FAQ’s, who can I direct that to?

If you cannot find what you are looking for feel free to email us at or give us a call on 1800 377 712.

If volleyball equipment is stolen from a volleyball club would that be covered under the Aon National Insurance Program?

No, clubs and members need to hold their own property coverage for protection against burglary and theft, in addition to loss and damage caused by other events such as fire, storm, vandalism etc. 
If you hold an existing policy or need to take out new cover, we can help you.  Please contact us at or give us a call on 1800 377 712.

*Subject to policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions.


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