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No-one understands your business risks like Aon. Recently in Australia, litigation has increased around claims concerning illegal conduct, occupational health and safety, and breach of directors’ or officers’ duties.
To help protect you, we’ve created a new Management Liability insurance policy specifically for Australian businesses. You can safeguard your business against allegations such as:
  • Occupational health and safety breaches
  • Employee discrimination
  • Financial mismanagement
  • Illegal conduct
  • Breach of directors’ or officers’ duties
Cover all the essentials:
  • Directors and officers liability 
Protect your personal assets against losses arising from claims of wrongful acts by directors or officers.
  • Company reimbursement        
Your company can be reimbursed for payments it makes to indemnify directors or officers against claims relating to their actions as directors or officers.
  • Company liability (optional)    
This covers wrongful acts of the company, not just of directors, officers and employees. It’s a way of covering financial penalties, and defends against pollution and occupational health and safety proceedings.
  • Employment practices liability
Protect your business against losses resulting from claims made by employees (or potential employees) for employment related matters.
  • Trustees liability         
This covers trustees for losses caused by wrongful acts in connection with decisions about superannuation funds.
  • Crime cover
Cover your company against loss of company property caused by employee dishonesty or fraud.
  • Business crisis consultant fees           
Cover for fees incurred in responding to a business crisis event, including independent management consultants.
  • Legal advice
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