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  • I am the authorised person to make these declarations and  accept the terms for this contract of insurance;
  • I confirm that I have read and understood the content of the Duty of Disclosure, the “Notice to the proposed insured”, the Policy terms and conditions, policy wording and endorsements;  
  • I have diligently made all necessary and detailed enquiries in order to comply with the duty of disclosure; and
  • I understand that I have a continuing obligation to immediately advise the insurer of any material changes to the particulars or statements contained in this insurance application;
  • I acknowledge that the Insurer relies upon the information in this insurance application and that this information shall be the basis for this contract of insurance
  • I understand that any statement made in this application will  be treated by Vero as a statement made by all persons to be insured; and
  • I have read Vero's Privacy Statement, and consent to the use, disclosure and obtaining of personal information about the Insureds for the purposes shown in the Privacy Statement.

If you cannot confirm any of the declarations and Agreements please contact Aon immediately as this Policy will not cover your company.


Please note: Aon will be arranging your insurance on behalf of the underwriter who is Vero.

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