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Renter's Insurance

Should you be encouraging your tenants to take out Renter's Insurance?

Many renters are under the impression that their contents aren’t worth insuring. Just because renters may move more frequently or aren’t investing in high-end furniture doesn’t mean their possessions aren’t highly valuable.

It’s worth asking your tenants – what would happen if there was a fire and all their possessions were destroyed? What if a burglary took place and all their electronics required replacing? Or if they accidentally damaged fixtures or fittings in the property, and needed to pay for the cost of replacing them? Suddenly, insurance becomes much more of a necessity.

Property Managers and Tenants can apply for insurance online

As a property manager or real estate agent, you are in an ideal position to provide appropriate advice to your tenants and your landlords. That’s why we provide the flexibility of allowing tenants or property managers to complete our application form for minimal hassle and maximum impact.

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Cover benefits through Aon:

Located across major Australian cities
And while we’re a global company with offices all across Australia, we’re also right here by your side. Offering a dedicated manager who will be your point of call for anything relating to your insurance coverage, you can call upon us whenever the need arises.
Industry expertise
When you compare Strata Insurance providers, know that with Aon, you’re in safe hands. Not only can we arrange comprehensive cover, we also bring over 40 years of experience in Australia’s Real Estate Industry, as some of the most respected experts and leaders in the industry.
Our claims handling process
When it comes to making claims, providing you have all the relevant documentation at lodgement, the process can be done simply over the phone or via email. 

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