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We asked four of our club clients two questions:

Q1. Why did you appoint Aon?
Q2. Why do you stay with Aon?

This is exactly what they told us:

Chris McCarthy
General Manager, Ryde-Eastwood
Leagues Club

Q1: “We initially went to Aon to quote on our business as we were concerned that our broker at the time wasn’t paying due attention to our business and properly marketing our insurance to give us the best outcome. Aon’s quote at that time was very competitive and our decision was based on the pricing and level of cover provided and our confidence after a few meetings with you, that you and your team would be able to provide support for any issues.

Q2: The fact that you continue to market our insurance business to give us the best price, that I can contact you on any insurance related issue, and that you are a straight shooter; you tell it like it is.”

Dave Vidler
Assistant General Manager
Liverpool Catholic Club

Q1: “The main reason we came across to Aon was price, combined with the confidence gained from your presentation that the solution offered was at least as good, or better, than that which was being replaced.

Q2: On the occasion we chose to seek alternate tenders, you remained the leader on both price and strategy. That combined with ongoing excellent service has resulted in us staying to date.”

Ben Bradley
General Manager
Davistown RSL Club

Q1: “Value for money, and originally cutting my premiums and saving the club some serious dollars.

Q2: Honesty, trust, and good customer service from people like you.”

Ralph Wearne
Financial Manager
Mounties Bowling Club

Q1: “Aon were very impressive during the entire tender process providing a number of quotes from a number of insurers. The club has a major ISR risk at one site which past insurers had difficulty covering the exposure cost effectively. Aon has ensured this risk was covered at a reasonable price. The relationships they had with insurers appeared excellent and their explanation of our cover together with their knowledge of the insurance market in general was excellent.

Q2: They oversee the policies with a strong no nonsense approach giving advice at a minutes notice. The person in charge of putting your cover in place is the same person you talk to on a day to day basis. Philip, our Aon person, is incredibly knowledgeable and replies to each and every question in depth and with clarity and understanding of his audience. Recently he appeared at our Audit Committee meeting to discuss our consequential loss cover and was very impressive. Change is never an issue, and they organise new cover at very little notice.

The other impressive thing about Aon is, they are never locked into one insurer and will change cover for a number of reasons, not just price. We have a club policy of going to tender on a regular basis and perhaps the biggest compliment you can receive is from your peers acknowledging your strengths. This happened to Aon at our last tender from a leading broking organisation.”

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