Equine Insurance

Why Aon?

We arrange comprehensive insurance policies for the Australian Equine Industry and currently assist a variety of business operators from smaller pony party operators and equine therapists through to large riding schools and agistment/spelling operations. We’re a team with over 30 years' of experience insuring, and participating in the industry which has resulted in our ability to create tailored covers to meet your needs.

Aon currently offer the following types of insurance policies:

Equine-tailored Business Liability Insurance
This is a relevant cover for Equine Businesses, Equine Associations and Equine Clubs. The insurance options include; Public Liability, Professional Indemnity (relevant for horse riding instructors) and Property insurance for Commercial Properties and Farms.

Horse Insurance
Designed for horse owners in Australia, this is an inclusive policy to provide protection for the death or loss of use of a horse, personal accident for riders, personal liability, riding equipment, horse floats and veterinary expenses.

Vet Insurance
As we don’t just love horses, but all animals, we also provide a comprehensive and tailored professional indemnity cover for veterinarians, whether you treat horses, or other animals such as cats and dogs.

Got a question? Our dedicated Equine Team is available by phone or email Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm ACST.

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