Prize Indemnity insurance

Why Aon?

Are you a company that sees prizes and promotions as excellent tools for increasing revenue and patronage? Our Prize indemnity insurance solution could help you increase the impact.

At Aon, our prize indemnity insurance solution has been developed exclusively for companies, pubs and clubs who run competitions and prizes.

Prize draws certainly help to promote your business and increase income, however, the impact of the promotion can be restricted by how much you have to invest in a prize. By purchasing our Prize Indemnity policy you’ll have more creative freedom around the prize and therefore be able to stand out from competitors and increase your impact on the target audience.

Simply, Prize Indemnity cover allows you to insure against the risk that the prize your business is promoting at your event, venue or as part of a competition will be won, with the premium calculated based on the prize value and likelihood of a win. Apply Online for a quote or contact our dedicated team for more information.

Should you be interested, we also offer Hole in One insurance.

We cover all the essentials

What packages can we offer?

We can insure a range of prize draw solutions that can fit your promotion, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Open the digital safe and win a prize
  • Spin the correct combination to win instant cash
  • Select the winning envelope from a barrel
  • Pick a key to try to open the treasure chest
  • or any game of chance where a mathematical probability can be devised – let us know your game ideas

What will be the cost?

The price will depend on various factors however, will always be cheaper than trying to cover the cost yourself should the prize be won. With Aon, you can insure your major prize for as little as $1,500, so contact us today to determine which options fit your promotion budget.

Got a question? Our dedicated Entertainment Team is available by phone or email Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm AEST.

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