Professional Indemnity insurance (also known as PI insurance) is designed for professionals who provide advice or services to their customers and may even be a legal requirement for some professions. It can cover claims made against your business by customers or other third parties alleging that in performing your professional services, your business has caused them loss.

PI insurance can also help by providing cover for legal costs, settlements and court orders or judgments associated with claims against your business, provided they are covered by the policy. 

You probably wear many hats when running your office or practice. With the variety of tasks you have to tackle, you may feel like you are the marketing team, human resources team and maybe even the finance team for your business!  With your job being so big, there may be instances where you make an error or omission in the service or advice you provide to a client after all you are only human.

If you receive a claim from a client alleging they have suffered financial loss (or other loss) due to your professional advice or services, the burden of legal costs and compensation can be a significant strain on your business.

PI insurance can help to cover the costs associated with such claims. This can include compensation that is payable, and, depending on your policy, it can also include legal costs. Without insurance, you would need to pay the costs for any claims made against you out of your own pocket.

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If you’re in the business of providing professional services or advice, you may need or be required to hold PI insurance. For example, if you’re an occupational therapist, The Occupational Therapy Board requires you to hold a certain level of PI Insurance. This means that if a client alleges your treatment caused them any type of damage or loss, and they take legal action against you, PI insurance can cover your legal costs to defend or settle the claim, as well as amounts you may be ordered to pay.

  • Claims investigation costs

    Includes cover for the costs of investigating, defending and settling claims made against your business.

  • Public relations costs

    Includes cover for the cost of a public relations consultant to help reduce damage to your reputation following a claim against your business.

  • Retroactive and run off cover

    PI Insurance can include cover for claims arising from acts, errors or omissions that are alleged to have happened before your insurance start date and can include cover which survives after you retire or leave the profession.

  • Cover for contractors

    PI policies can provide cover for claims relating to the performance of professional services by your consultants, contractors, subcontractors or agents, which you are legally liable for.

  • Public and products cover

    Professional Indemnity Insurance can also include Public and Products Liability cover, which can help you to pay for costs or loss which you are required to pay where a third party suffers personal injury or property damage or loss caused by products that are sold or supplied through your business.

Common reasons

An architect designed 1000mm high balustrades for two external stairs. After installation it was discovered that these were non-compliant with council building regulations. The client requested the architect pay for rectification of the balustrades so that compliance requirements were met. The architect had PI insurance arranged through Aon and the insurance paid out a sum of $10,000 to rectify the building work.


What could lead to a claim?

Incorrect Professional Advice Icon

You provided incorrect professional advice or services

Breached a contract icon

You breached a contract

Breached confidentiality or copyright icon

You breached confidentiality or copyright

Caused injury icon

You caused injury to a customer

recycle bin icon

You lost a customer’s documentation or data

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Common reasons
Insurance tailored for your profession

We arrange insurance tailored for many different professions, from health professionals and musicians, to real estate agents and accountants and many in between.

Common reasons
Flexible payment options

Pay by month or by year, whatever works best for you.

Common reasons
Claims management

If the worst should happen and a claim is made against you, as an insurance broker we can help manage the claim for you.

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