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Your Aon Insurance Review report will include

  • Powerful benchmarking with industry peers to assess if your current coverage limits and excesses are appropriate for your business.
  • Expert advice and commentary with a holistic picture of your business’ risk profile and quality insurance options from multiple markets.
  • Current insurance cost competitiveness to assess if you have the best coverage option based on quality, coverage and price.
  • Advanced in-house analytics and data driven insights to help solve your insurance and risk exposure challenges.
  • Risk Gap Analysis to unpack your key policies and risks to assess gaps in your current program.
  • Accelerate your insurance decisions ahead of renewal time pressures - get the information you require and plan ahead.

Is your insurance program right for your business?

What if you could easily broaden your insurance and risk capabilities for your medium or large sized business, before choosing your next insurance program?

Navigating complex insurance options without expert advice can leave gaps in your decision making. Extensive evidence shows underinsurance can lead to costly risk exposure and loss for a business.

By requesting a free Aon Insurance Review for your business, you’re choosing a roadmap of data-led insights that will decode insurance and risk strategies for your business with the support of a dedicated Aon broker. Helping you make better insurance decisions for your business.

One Aon broker to support you and understand your business

We’re here to partner with you for the long-term and support you as your business grows and evolves, and help protect your business from risk.

Along with ongoing advice, your Aon broker will be there to assist if you need to make a claim. We’ll also be here to help you assess your insurance program when it’s time for renewal, and we'll aim to offer you a quality solution, with the right coverage, at competitive prices.


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