Landlord Insurance Application

If you are an existing policy holder looking to add Rent Default and Theft by tenant cover to your policy please click here

$340.22 $447.79 $383.17 $339.21 $310.20 $347.78 $349.36 $381.13

For details, refer to Landlord Insurance Flyer.

This policy does not provide cover for properties located in WA above the 26th parallel.

By clicking the 'Submit' button you acknowledge and agree that your information will be handled in accordance with the Aon Privacy Notice, and you also confirm that:

  • the answers and statements in this proposal form are true and correct;
  • you have not suppressed nor mis-stated any facts;
  • you are authorised to complete and accept this proposal; and
  • you will inform the insurer of any material alteration to the matters contained in this proposal before completion of the contract of insurance;
  • you are answering the following questions and signing this Declaration for yourself and on behalf of any other person (as the property owners) to be covered by the PDS and Policy;
  • you have not been charged with, or convicted of, any criminal offences within the last 10 years (please note you do not have to disclose any spent convictions legislation exempts you from disclosing);
  • you have not had any insurer refuse, cancel cover or require special terms to insure you;
  • you have not suffered more than 3 losses (including claims made against me) under a policy;
  • you have not had a burglary loss exceeding $2000 (whether claimed or not under a policy) in the last 5 years;
  • you are not aware of any rent being in arrears for the property in the last 4 week period;
  • you do not use the property for business purposes other than as a residential rental property;
  • you are not aware of there being any current threat of fire, hail, or a named cyclone to the property or the property having suffered earthquake damage in the last 3 days;
  • you understand that there is no cover where the property is unoccupied for longer than 60 days;
  • you have read, understood and accepted the terms of the Important Notices in this application;
  • you understand that no insurance contract is entered into until the insurer sends written confirmation to you or your nominated agent confirming they have accepted this application. Your policy, when entered into, will be subject to the terms of the PDS and Policy and other documents issued by the insurer that make up your contract of insurance;
  • you authorise the real estate agent noted above (who is acting on your behalf) to transfer the information in this form to Aon and the Insurers for the purposes of applying for this policy;
  • you declare the information provided is true and correct and you have not withheld any relevant information; and
  • you have read and acknowledge receipt of the Aon Financial Services Guide and PDS and Policy (through your real estate agent noted above); and you agree to the insurance subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the PDS and Policy of these purposes.