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3 Steps To Keep You Cyber Safe

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There are many steps you can take before during and after a cyber-attack that can help contain and manage the damage if not prevent it. A couple of key observations made by the Australian Government * include a good reaction plan and robust preventative measures 

• “Your actions in the first 24 hours after discovering a data breach are often critical to the success of your response”; and

• “You should create and test your plan before a data breach occurs”.

Guide to developing a data breach response plan, Oct 2015

We’ve broken some of the key insights around cyber safety down into 3 easy steps for you

1. Prevention

Protect your assets - Invest in good IT support and ensure your website, point-of-sale (POS) systems and software are up to date with the latest updates.

Back up - Ensure you regularly back-up important data and information to reduce the damage in case a breach occurs.

Safe Surfing - Browse safe sites and use applications you trust on compoany computers, tablets or phones. 

Strong passwords - Ensure that you use 'smarter passwords' or even multi-encryption authentification.

2. Awareness

Smarter Protection - Have clear policies & security measures relating to your systems, data protection and privacy in case a breach occurs. Ensure your business is aware of this. 

Awareness is action - Train your staff on the risks and importance of protecting sensitive information. Especially customer information. 

On-going education - Provide regular awareness sessions with staff on how to identify irregular begaviour and how to be vigilant. 

3. Readiness

Plan ahead - Ensure you have a strong incident response plan and test it regularly. 

The number of days it took for organizations to contain a breach in 2017 ranged from 10 to 164 days, with an average of 66 days. Breaches caused by malicious and criminal attacks generally took longer to contain (77 days) and longer to identify (214 days) than breaches caused by human error (64 and 168 days, respectively).**

The impact of a cyber attack can be severe, consider building and testing your safety plan and investing in good insurance cover.

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** 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study (Ponemon Institute for IBM Security)


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