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Why Aon?

Small Business Insurance. Easy.

Easy to Understand

  • Easy to digest information about insurances your business needs
  • Experienced, friendly brokers on 02 6190 0958

Easy to Buy

  • Quick quotes online
  • Purchase in just a few clicks
  • Pay monthly options available

Easy to Manage

  • Manage your renewals easily
  • Adjust your policy anytime
  • Request certificates of insurance quickly and easily
  • Assistance in complex claims

Why choose Aon for Business Insurance?

When it comes to insurance, depending on the field you’re in, there may be a few options to consider. Aon is committed to making life easier for you with insurance that’s easy to understand, buy and manage, so you can get quotes and take out a policy online in just a few clicks. If you need help, our team of friendly experienced brokers are a phone call away to help you understand what insurances you may or may not need, but more importantly why. So you can have the confidence of making a better decision for you and your business.

What is Business Insurance?

Business Insurance is designed to protect your business and its assets against liability and unexpected events. For example, if a fire damaged your office and you were no longer able to host clients on the premises, it can include cover for the cost to repair the damage. It can also include public liability, and coverage for financial loss you incur from not being able to operate due to an insured event.

As specialist brokers, Aon can arrange insurance tailored for risks commonly faced by small businesses, giving you the confidence of quality cover at a competitive price.

Why do I need Business Insurance?

Your business is more than your job – it’s your passion, and your livelihood. So if there was a fire, or if a customer was to slip and injure themselves whilst on your premises, the cost of keeping your business afloat could be very high. This is where insurance can step in and help cover the cost to repair the damage, or to help cover damages you become legally liable to pay so you’re not forced to pay out of your own pocket.