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Why professional indemnity insurance for Real Estate professionals?

As a real estate professional, if one of your clients suffers loss due to your professional negligence, there's a chance they will take legal action against your business. It’s an unfortunate reality that just one small mistake, error of judgement, injury or perceived bad advice can lead to a claim – and potentially cost you both professionally and financially.

Aon arranges professional indemnity insurance which has been designed for real estate professionals’ common risks, and with flexible cover options you can start now and help protect your business and your livelihood.

New and improved professional indemnity insurance

After researching numerous professional indemnity insurance providers, Aon has negotiated a new arrangement with CGU Insurance, an experienced and reputable insurer who is committed to providing quality insurance solutions tailored to the Real Estate Industry. The new professional indemnity insurance policy provides highly competitive rates; key improvements include fewer exclusions and enhanced coverage.

Professional indemnity cover can help with:

  • Claims resulting from a breach of professional duty, made against your business and notified to the insurer during the policy period.
  • Legal fees, settlements and court costs associated with any such claim1.

REIA and Aon

Our relationship with REIA spans over 20 years. That brings a depth of experience in facilitating a wide range of claims from the real estate industry. That's the backing you want when it comes to pursuing a claim.

At Aon, we like to keep things local and understand the value of being easily accessible to customers in their city. This is why you can talk to one of our dedicated team of specialists based in most capital cities of Australia.

Cover benefits through Aon:

Flexible PI cover limits
Choose a level of professional indemnity cover to suit you - $1m, $2m, $5m or $10m.
Automatic reinstatements
If a claim exhausts your overall cover limit within the policy period, it will automatically be reinstated in full.
Employment practices liability
Automatic cover for claims from staff for wrongful employment practices e.g. breach of contract, unfair dismissal or discrimination, with an aggregate sub-limit of $500k.
Cyber liability
Optional cyber liability cover for claims arising from computer viruses, computer hacking and breach of privacy, with an aggregate sub-limit of $250k.
Excess waiver
If a claim is made against you for management of residential or commercial property, the Excess (deductible) will be waived if you have met the policy’s Risk Management terms.
Unlimited retroactive cover date
Cover may be available for acts and omissions occurring before you purchase the policy, where these are not known and do not relate to pre-existing claims.
Run-off cover
You can still be subject to claims for professional wrong-doing even after you retire or sell your business. Run-off cover extends your insurance policy for up to 7 years, to respond to claims which arose while the business was operating.
Fidelity cover
Cover for loss of money as a result of employee theft, fraud or dishonest activity, with an aggregate sub-limit of $250k.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Professional Indemnity insurance and why do I need it?

It’s an unfortunate reality that just one small mistake, error of judgement, injury or perceived bad advice in your practice as a real estate agent can lead to a claim against your business. If you don’t provide the correct professional advice to a client and they believe they’re negatively impacted due to allegations of professional negligence, there’s a chance they could take legal action against you, potentially costing you both professionally and financially. Professional Indemnity Insurance can help you to pay the costs associated with a claim made against your business, arising from an error or omission in the course of providing professional services.

How can I get a copy of my certificate of currency?

To get a copy of your certificate of currency, click here and include your Aon reference number which can be found on the top left hand corner of your invoice. Should you encounter any issues, please contact us on 02 6190 0958

How much is Professional indemnity insurance for members of Real Institute of Australia (REIA)?

The Professional Indemnity insurance that we arrange for members of REIA is competitively priced. Pricing varies depending on your situation, so we advise you to get a quote to get an accurate price.

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The Real Estate Agents Professional Indemnity insurance is arranged by Aon Risk Services Australia Limited (Aon) ABN 17 000 434 720 AFSL 241141 as agent for the insurer Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 11 000 016 722) trading as CGU Insurance (CGU). If you purchase this insurance, we will receive a commission that is a percentage of the premium. Further information can be provided upon request.

The information contained on this website is general in nature and should not be relied on as advice (personal or otherwise) because your personal needs, objectives and financial situation have not been considered. So before deciding whether a particular product is right for you, please consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement / policy wording or contact us to speak to an Aon representative.

All representations set out above in relation to our insurance products are subject to full terms and conditions of the relevant policy. Please contact your Aon representative if you would like a full copy.

i Subject to conditions in the general conditions section of this Policy in respect of: 1. The property; and 2. act, error or omission, that is the subject of the claim made against you.

ii Cover representations are subject to the full policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.


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