Professional Indemnity Insurance for members of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ)

Real Estate Proposal Form - REIQ

This is a fully online application form so you will need to include an email address and telephone number. You will also need to have read, understood and agree to the declarations and notice to the proposed insured before submitting your acceptance.

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Please note that this is a fully online application process, which requires that you provide an email address. By pressing ‘submit’ you consent to receiving documentation relating to this quote via your nominated email address.

This email will also include a policy wording you will need to read this carefully and if you decide to proceed with the cover understand that the insurance cover will be subject to terms and conditions as set out in the policy wording.

Please note: Aon will be arranging your insurance on behalf of the underwriter who is QBE.


What is your total staff numbers including all:
NB: 2 Part Time employees working 20 hours each per week is the equivalent of 1 Full Time employee working 40 hours a week.:

*Gross Fee income means all income, fees and commission BEFORE split with Contractors or Salespeople or deduction of expenses. If you are a new business please provide an estimated income for this financial year.:

Please detail the approximate percentage of your fee income derived from the following fields of work over the next 12 months or provide an estimate if you are starting a new business:


Are any of the Partners, Principals or Directors, after enquiry,:

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