Professional Indemnity Insurance for Management Consultants

Before you start consulting, consult with Aon!

At Aon, we understand the risks you face as a Management Consultant.

The risk of a claim being brought against you increases with every client you provide advice to and every project you undertake.  

With defence costs often stretching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, there is a high risk of you suffering financial loss by not having the correct cover in place.

Aon offer a competitively-priced, tailored insurance solution.  With Aon, you’re covered for the key risks you face every day.


What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

The very nature of work as a consultant, advising clients and providing them with solutions, means that consultants are exposed to the potential for litigation on a daily basis.

Should a claim be brought against you, professional indemnity insurance covers any legal costs and expenses that you may incur in bringing a defence. It also covers any costs that may be awarded should the advice, software or systems you’ve provided be found to be inadequate.

Do I need Professional Indemnity insurance?

Most people think that claims happen to other people and that it won’t happen to them. With the minimum claim in this space currently standing at $1.5 million, is that a risk you’re willing to take?

Whenever you develop, implement or provide training on software you are entering into a contract with the client. If you fail to deliver on this contract because the system you implemented doesn’t work, or there’s a privacy breach in the training documentation, then the client is likely to sue.

Professional Indemnity Inclusions

Cover from $1m to $5m to help protect against legal costs & claims from a third party which relate to an act, omission or breach of your professional duty.

Nil excess
When making a claim, you’re not required to pay any upfront costs.

Unlimited retroactive date 
Covers you for incidents that occurred before you were insured with us, but only for unknown circumstances.

Run-off cover 
If you retire or leave the profession, our policy still covers you for claims relating to incidents from when you were working.

Need to make a claim?

If you become aware of a matter or issue that may be a claim (or may give rise to a claim) you must notify us as soon as possible and provide all relevant correspondence and documentation. You can notify a claim by calling Aon on 1800 020 339, emailing, or writing to Aon at GPO Box 1331, Parramatta, 2124.

We can also help you with additional Insurance options:

Optional: Public Liability Insurance

Cover options between $5m and $20m. Protects your business for damages or personal injury, to a third party or their property, arising out of the performance of your work. For more information, call us on 1800 020 339 or email

Optional: Business Insurance

Protects your business contents and its premises including; Business Interruption, Burglary, Theft of money, Fire and window damage. Interested? Give us a call on 1800 020 339 or email us on

Optional: Management Liability Insurance

Broader coverage than a standard Directors & Officers Liability policy, this cover compensates for losses incurred, including legal costs, where a Director or Officer has committed a 'wrongful act' in their capacity as manager of the corporate entity. Wrongful act claims from the past, present, or prospective employees might include wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, alleged discrimination and sexual harassment. For more information, call us on 1800 020 339 or email

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