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Taking care of you, while you help take care of others.

As a Psychology Postgraduate student, you’ll undertake work experience, and as a Psychology Registrar you'll be supervised whilst on the path to gaining area of practice endorsement. Both are environments you’re at risk of a claim, for example, if client records are mixed-up or a client makes a complaint about you whilst under your care?

Our Postgraduate student/Registrar malpractice insurance master policy, endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society, will cover you with professional indemnitypublic liability and product liability.

What’s more, this insurance is FREE for APS student members while you’re a Postgraduate student or in a Registrar program. Just check you meet the eligibility criteria and complete our quick online form. Sign up, and once you become a practising psychologist, or complete you’re Registrar program, we can easily transition you to our APS-approved, professional indemnity insurance package with 14 months cover for the price of 12.


What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional Indemnity insurance is designed for professionals who provide advice or services to their customers. It protects your business against legal costs and claims by third parties for damages arising from acts, omissions or breaches of professional duty in the course of your business.
In real terms, this means that if you do something (or neglect to do something) in the course of your work, and a customer suffers injury or financial loss as a result, they may take legal action against you. With the right policy, you can defend your business against the claim and prevent financial loss.

Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

In recent years, the risk of legal action has increased for Psychologists. All individuals are recommended to have Professional Indemnity insurance. This is in place to guard you against a range of risks including claims of misconduct and patient injury. Our professional indemnity insurance provides accessible legal advice so you can quickly deal with allegations and meet your legal obligation to respond.

We cover all the essentials:

Eligibility criteria

Postgraduate student requirements:  An Associate Member or Student Subscriber of the APS who is a student enrolled in an APAC-accredited 5th year or 5th and 6th year postgraduate course and holds provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Registrar requirements: A member or Associate Member of the APS who holds general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA)and is in a PsyBA approved registrar program.

As a student you must also:

• Be undertaking approved studies in the field of psychology

• Be a student APS member

• Have no criminal convictions or been subject to any disciplinary proceedings

• Not have had any claims for professional negligence against them, nor be aware of any circumstances that could lead to a professional indemnity, or public and products liability claims against them .

• Be working under the supervision of a qualified psychologist & engaging in related tasks. This cover only protects them for psychology profession-related activities.   

Do I need Aon's free insurance?

The Psychology Board of Australia’s professional indemnity insurance guidelines state that when undertaking a placement for study purposes, the higher education institution and/or your registered psychologist supervisor, should have a policy in force that covers you whilst in placement. 

However, it’s the student’s responsibility to ensure they're covered. In the situation where you are not (adequately) insured through the alternatives mentioned above, our master policy covers the gap.

What does it mean for this to be a master policy?

A master policy means that the level of indemnity is shared between a group – in this case, the group is eligible APS members. This means that any claims will decrease the limit available to pay claims for other members in the policy, whereas an individual policy covers your professional services only, with one set policy limit.

What am I covered for and for how long?

This policy runs from the 30th of June each year, for 12 months. You’ll be insured for professional indemnity, public & products liability. It covers you for claims against professional wrong doing in the course of providing psychology services. 

Key Features:
  •  Shared group limit of $20mil Professional indemnity with 2 possible reinstatements of this same value (so to a total of $60million) . 
  •  20 mill Public and Products Liability is also included. 
  •  No excess to pay for the claim. 
  •  Financial support for: 
  •  Legal defence costs, Compensation, Legal costs to pay the claimant

Prior work experience:
Our policy is written on a "claims made and notified" basis. This means the insurer will cover mistakes made in your past similar work experience, so long as you have a policy in place when the claim arises & when you notify the insurer.

Approved by the Australian Psychological Society (APS)

The Australian Psychological Society is pleased to recommend Aon's professional indemnity insurance products for psychologists to our members. Aon has demonstrated real understanding when it comes to the challenges and risks that psychologists face. - APS

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