Liability Insurance for Audio Visual Professionals

Why Aon?

Your work as part of Australia’s Sound & Lighting Industry, whether on small or large scale productions, events, festivals or concerts, means interacting with customers and/or the public.  Even though the chances may be small, your actions could possibly result in someone being injured or something being damaged.

That’s why our expert Entertainment team have developed a comprehensive Public Liability product to meet your risk needs. Not only is it competitively priced but it can also be purchased online within 5 minutes. For those with bespoke needs, we can also tailor an individual policy to suit.

So, concentrate on your passion and have us on your side to help with the stress and expense in the event of a claim.

We’ve got all the essentials covered

Who can we cover with our Audio Visual (Sound and Lighting) policy?

With our AV insurance policy we’re able to cover the following professionals; Audio Engineers, Audio Technicians, Sound engineers, Sound recordists, Sound Technicians, PA system operators, Audio-visual operators, Lighting Technicians, Directors of Sound, Directors of Lighting.

If your work is similar to these professions, but not listed, we may still be able to cover you – just give our team a call.

What does our policy cover and why do you need Public Liability?

Aon’s policy -
Our Public Liability policy for Audio Visual/Sound and Lighting Professionals has been designed with those who interact with customers/members of the public in mind. It covers claims made against you due to your negligence, in regards to property damage and/or personal injury to a third party.  It also automatically protects you worldwide, excluding USA and Canada.

Specifically this insurance includes;

$20,000,000 Public Liability
$20,000,000 Products Liability
$250,000 Goods in care, custody and control

If cover is required for USA/Canada, please call our team for an alternative quote.


Why do you need Public Liability?
Public Liability is often a key requirement for AV/Sound and Lighting professionals. 

Simply, if someone is injured or their property is damaged while you’re providing a service, that person may take legal action against you to recover their losses. In this case, Public liability protects your business by ensuring you don’t have to pay any legal or court costs. It will cover incidents that occur in your workplace and at other locations.

Aon’s Equipment Insurance Policy

Your valuable equipment is fundamental to performing your job, so you should ensure it’s also covered in the event of accidental damage or theft. When you purchase your Public Liability online with us, you can also add, with the click of a button, between $5,000 and $20,000 cover for your equipment too, allowing you to pay for everything at once.

What AV Equipment do we cover? We can cover mixing desks, lighting, speakers, PA systems, microphones, cables and all other associated sound and lighting equipment. If you’re unsure whether or not we can cover all your gear, just give us a quick call and we can arrange cover for you directly.

What if I need more than $20k cover for my equipment? Through our buy online system you can easily purchase up to $20k cover, higher levels of cover can be easily arranged through our Entertainment team on 1800 806 584.

Optional: Equipment Insurance

Ensure your valuable AV Equipment is covered for accidental damage or theft. You can buy up to 20k cover online when you purchase Public Liability cover or separately via our Equipment page.

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    *Prices vary based on the stamp duty of your state/territory.

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