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Did you know that most camera equipment isn’t covered under your standard home and contents policy? Our Canon Camera Equipment Insurance covers your camera, lenses and some related equipment.
Purchase is quick and easy, taking just 5 minutes. Simply choose your desired level of cover by clicking on the appropriate ‘Buy Online’ link above, and, if you like the price, complete your details online.

Automatically covers your equipment Worldwide

You can take your camera equipment with you around the globe and have the reassurance that should it be stolen or damaged our cover will be there to protect you. If it should be stolen or lost we would ask that you inform the relevant authorities and file an incident report so we can process your claim quickly and efficiently for you.

Emergency hire costs for up to 35% of sum insured of the damaged item

If you have damaged your camera but desperately need to be able to take pictures we can cover you for up to 35% of your sum insured to hire another camera so you do not miss those memories. (claims in Australia only)

New for Old replacement of equipment at the time of a claim

Our cover is 100% new for old replacement, so you can be confident you are replacing your camera with the equivalent version if it is lost, stolen or can't be repaired.

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