Performers and Actors Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for Performers and Entertainers

Performer Insurance - Why Aon?

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Servicing the insurance needs of over 13,000 in the Entertainment industry, Aon understand your risks. Designed for performers and entertainers, our cost-competitive Public liability insurance covers you against a variety of risks including injury caused to the public/audience. This insurance is also endorsed for members of key associations including APRA and ACAPTA.

Music & Singing Teachers? or Band and Performing Group – see our tailored products.

Improved Insurance Offering

Keen to always provide a great offering, we've just improved our Performers insurance:

  • 12 months cover, no matter what time of year you buy or renew our insurance.
  • Free, tutoring and workshops cover.
  • Free professional liability included as part of the policy.
  • Certificate of Currency within minutes, not days*.
  • Venue hire – cover when you stage a show, rehearsal or workshop with up to a 300 audience.

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Which Performers are covered?

As there are many kinds of performing arts, your needs will be different, so, that’s why we offer 3 categories of cover.

Your occupation not one listed here? Drop us a line and we’ll look to get you covered too!

*As an APRA, WAMA or ACAPTA member, you’ll receive a further discount, bringing the price to just $150
*As an APRA, WAMA or ACAPTA member, you’ll receive a further discount, bringing the price to just $265

Public liability insurance

This will cover you where claims are made against you by a third party for injury or damage to their property at any premise from which you work.

For instance, when performing in a public place, it’s very important that you have the right level of public liability cover in case a member of the public is injured. We offer cover up to as much as $20 million.

Professional liability

This is included as part of your policy, free of charge. It covers you for any claims made against you that have come specifically as a result of professional advice you’ve given.

Worldwide cover

If you’re travelling and performing abroad, we can cover you worldwide (excluding USA and Canada). Give us a call to talk it through.

Optional add-on: Equipment/Instrument cover

Are you a DJ, musician or individual involved in theatre productions and using performance equipment and instruments? Well, we offer a separate insurance policy for this equipment which insures it from when you leave home, to when you’re performing and even when it’s just being stored. What’s more, this cover protects you worldwide.

What equipment is covered?

• Sound & Lighting    • Audio-visual
• Musical
    • Entertainment

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*Wait period for a certificate may differ, if you’re purchasing at the end of month. However if your purchase at this time is urgent, simply contact our team on 1800 806 584 so that we can issue your certificate in time for your next performance.

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