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Every business needs to think about its cyber risk

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It’s not just big businesses that should be worried about the impact of cyber-crime.

For as little as $395pa you can protect your business against many common cyber incidents. 

Why would a cyber-criminal target my small business?

“Reported incidents of cyber-crime against small business are on the increase. Larger companies are taking the threat very seriously and have the capital to invest in sophisticated software; hence they are becoming a more difficult target. Consequently, cyber criminals are now turning their attentions to smaller businesses. If you have concerns about protecting your business from cyber-crime, Aon offers a number of solutions that we’d be happy to discuss with you.” - Andrew Gordon, Head of Aon Small Business

Can you afford not to be protected?

A breach of your systems could result in major business disruptions, loss of important business and customer data, extortion and financial manipulation, not to mention the potentially damaging effect on your brand and reputation.
With potential costs to your business ranging from business interruption and legal costs, to customer notification expenses and damage to data, even small businesses can no longer afford to ignore cyber threats.

If your current insurance policy does not protect you against the costs associated with Cyber Crime, speak to our Small Business specialist team today about protecting you and your business with Cyber Liability Insurance.
Aon cyber experts are available to advise you on how best to minimise the risks to your business and your family.

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